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    On this day

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    Want one ?
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    New singers , bands that you think will break through ?

    Jasmine Thompson will be better known soon imo.
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    Guitar stars

    Best instrument and loads of masters, who's your fav ? Intro
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    New tools

    I do a bit of tiling nothing fancy and use a small push through electric wet cutter. But job on now the tiles are bigger and thicker for the walls than I usually stick, so I got this today after reading up it sounds good for the money ? Virtex 800w bridge cutter from toolsatation for 175 inc...
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    Dad dancing !

    But I can't do it this good :coffe:
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    Just found this, makes sense if true....... You're having a few drinks in the garden with your friends, or a family BBQ, when a load of pesky wasps arrive to spoil the party. You haven't seen them all summer and then suddenly they're all over the place, annoying everybody, causing panic and...
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    Liverpool shocked

    My jacks did a number on them tonight fantastic 1- 0 win for us, tho bottom of the prem when it kicked off and them beating the top mob citeh the other day ! Funny old game.
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    Good interview

    Great interview on channel 4 where JordanPeterson demolishes ultra SJW Cathy Newman . Worth a watch he runs rings around the smug self important extreme feminist pc sjw person !
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    C'mon Wales !

    The agony just starting ! Beat the oirish and we may feel the russian rapture ! Not rupture pleeeeeeez ! :frenetico:
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    Respotex type wall boards anyone fitted them ?

    Skimmed out most of a mates house but he wants wall boards in bathroom the laminated waterproof type that city plumbing do. 8' x 3' sheets. Done them before on good walls just stick em with evostick gripfill yellow tubes and hidden screws at the joints plus corner and edge trims , anyone do...
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    Getting dried sbr off white pvc ?

    Customer asked if there's anything that will take dried sbr off white pvc window frame, it looks like cream paint to me but she says otherwise ! I've used stelmax to clean small scratches and marks off in the past but not for sbr just wondered if any of you have experienced it ?
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    Glad season's over . Prem league.

    That was to close for comfort for my Swansea swans ! Thanks Sunderland and hull Hate fat sam but he was a jack for the day his lads beating hull 4-0 puts us safe to fight another season in the top flight as Wales only prem team !
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    New one on me !

    Started a hack n dash job this morning one of them home loan grants through local council grants dept. The brick work behind is fooked, old 1/4 grey dash on it is solid but old mortar between bricks is perished, The render is holding ext brick skin together & in place, so after opening up a...
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    Vote for 10yr olds 800mile dog charity bike ride

    10yr old Molly did 800 miles this summer for GAP dog charity if she gets enough votes the charity will add £10k so if you have few mins spare its a good cause to help with ta.
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    Hacked off a meter and higher well above damp areas of an internal room using perma gard gear. I dpc`d the brick internals and cavity areas sprayed walls with the anti sulphate and flat tight rendered with thier anti salt & waterproofer addative in the mix. let all dry then tanked 3 good coats...
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    Lime burns on hands

    Just curious as to what remedies you may have used to ease the stinging n heal your hands iff youve had them ? I fined down a pine end a couple of days ago s@c@lime but gloves were bugging me so took em off but forgot to put back on after a brew so didnt bother going back down scaffold to get...
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    getting it on !

    Hi boyos just a question or 1000 if you dont mind :confused: I use a MT 14" trowel on most things along with traditional tools but have read here about speedskim, ****** plaziflex plastic 14" and ****** s/steel s*p*r*lex 16" trowel. So does it go something like this for int walls n ceilings...
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    Rained off so early finish and came across this site while looking up some speed skim products, any good ? Based in Swansea been in the game quite a while, always looking for new products and teqniques to make life and money easier on site. :RpS_thumbup: