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  1. Tommyormaa

    Dont want to be that guy but..

    Dont want to be that guy but, im desperate for someone to give me a chance 3 days a week, struggling to even get job interviews and when i do i get no where due to financial problems if i cant find anything im going to have to quit my college course halfway through my first year and go into a...
  2. Tommyormaa

    Anyone handing out chances?!

    Anyone feeling festive since its nearly xmas willing to give a 24 year old college student a chance, 2 days a week at college arent enough i need real life practise, someone must be feeling nice enough to take a chance and help! Located in newcastle area too!
  3. Tommyormaa


    Just curious to what people recommend van or transport wise while plastering, what size van or would a car do, just thinking plaster boards wont go in a car obviously, so whats everyone driving??
  4. Tommyormaa

    Any geordie firms or individuals looking to take on a apprentice

    Looking for someone to help me learn im currently in college monday and tuesday but wanting more days to improve willing to work for free just wanting some help really.. thanks in advance
  5. Tommyormaa

    First trowel

    Still in college looking to buy my first trowel, lecture told me to go for marshal town, any recommendations cheers lads
  6. Tommyormaa


    Alright, new here still in college learning but thought id join and see if theres any tips and tricks to learn but mainly for the banter!