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    Boarding and Multi-Finish

    Hello all, I have finished boarding with soundbloc board and they are tapered edge - I have two bags of multi finish left over brand new from the other day can I use this and scrim to tape and fill the joins? It’s a big area 4m x 2m so I wouldn’t like to skim it all? Any advice would be helpful...
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    External Porch overhang from extension rendering

    Hello all, I would like to render a External Porch overhang from an extension, but unsure how I could go about this? I would like a modern smooth finish to the underside. The area is around 1m x 2m which overhangs... Currently it is just beams so unsure as to which board / method to use to...
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    Curved Corner Idea

    Hi all, how could I achieve a curved plastered corner? Thanks, id like to turn a sharp corner into a curved one during remodelling, such as those found in Victorian houses in hallways.
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    Rendering Qu

    Just want to clarify rendering any wall including garden walls to ground level is not right? Shouldn't there be a gap at the bottom. I've seen lots of people render direct to ground. I always keep about a 3 inch gap.
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    Lime Render Exterior Wall

    Hi I want to lime render my soft red exterior bricks. I have got the lime, I would like to know what the mix is ? and any tips on applying it.
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    Floor on slope, unlevel. help.

    :RpS_unsure::RpS_unsure: I have a floor which was built on a slope I want to level it out, the floor is in a outbuilding. It goes from level to slope at the end of the building, with a slope of over 2 foot down at the back. I want to level the flooring so I can use it for storage. There is no...
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    How do you run a cornice?

    Hi, I was just interested in how you actually run a cornice? What would the reverse profile to run the cornice be made out of? Wood? Metal?. Thanks, just would like some basic knowledge on it.
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    Brick Outbuilding - Plastering walls?

    Hi I have a brick outbuilding in good condition. Id just like some tips on how about I can plaster the walls, at the moment, it is bare brick but id like to plaster it out. Victorian Bricks with a concrete floor. Thanks :huh:
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    Remove Render, Rerender or not? + Rendering Tips.

    I have a damp Victorian wall, in which what looks like the old sand and cement render has blown. Would it be better to remove the render (its a big blown area). or just to repoint the original bricks and paint. Also I'd like some rendering tips because I want to render a small garden wall...
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    Coloured / Architectural Plasters?

    Hi just wondering if you can get coloured or white architectural plasters? I just had a thought that maybe a coloured architectural plaster mght look good on a feature :RpS_biggrin: so any advice would be good.
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    Plastering beads question....

    Metal or Plastic Beads? I also have a problem with rusting metal ones in the wall. Also best way to secure the bead to a uneven edge? :RpS_blink: Thanks. V.:RpS_biggrin:
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    Multi-Finish Smoothing Tips

    Hi I'm relatively new to multi-finish just wants some good tips on smoothing it out better. Also what is best way to sand / prep multi-finish for painting? Additional Info: Solid Victorian Wall. I would also love to know how to do corners and little gaps with multi-finish too. Thanks.
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    Plastering Question?

    Hi, just curious to know why pva is used in plastering, what if you don't use pva? Thanks:huh:
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    Solid Wall Plastering Tips?

    Hi, I have a solid Victorian wall, is it possible to plaster over the uneven wall? Also pva or no pva? and Multi finish or uni finish? Also how can I achieve a smooth surface when I plaster? Thanks. :huh: The old plaster in is good condition just uneven.
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    Hello Everyone, new to this forum, new to plastering!