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    Dot and dab window reveal

    Am I better off doing reveal with an inch over lap first or wall with an inch over lap witch is best and more accurate
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    Skimming cracking

    pulled door and casing out boarded it taped all joints .skimmed it feathered it in customer has said its cracking down one side where the new board meets the old wall what has gone wrong
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    Colouring pva

    what is the best way to colour it so I don't miss the wall
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    Levelling up wall

    grand daughter just bought a house one wall is 2metres long when I put a straight edge up in the middle it is 2ins out like a big curve what is the best way to level it
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    Barrel ceiling

    How do I do a barrel ceiling got one coming up
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    Barrel ceiling

    How do I do a barrel ceiling got one coming up
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    Barrel ceiling

    Skimming a dormer how do I do a barrel ceiling
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    Pva 1 to 1

    can I put pva one to one to stop suction does it work like that . I don't get a lot of time out of my multi I have also been told I can put it in the mix to get extra time is that true micky
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    Pva for high suction area

    what is the best formula for a high suction area I have been told more glue than water I hav been using 4to 1 been told 3to 1
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    Cream of tarta

    how much per 25kilo bag do I put in to get more time out of a bag of multi
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    How can I get more time out of multi

    double pva a ceiling 20sq started laying on by the time I get to the end the start of it is going off help
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    Paint bubbling under skim

    Pva a wall skimmed it paint bubbling under skim what can I do
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    Plaster tearing

    what makes plaster tear is it laying on when pva is still wet
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    Skimming over artex

    I have been told best way is to pva bond it let it go off completly next day pva it and skim is this the best way
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    Skimming going off

    did artex ceiling today bonded it skimmed it skimming going off to quick on top of bonding could not finish it just flattened it the finish looks horrible could not finish it ran out of multi will it be oright next day if I pva and skim first time on artex ceiling help please
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    Skimming going offf

    just done a hitex ceiling very heavy pattern 2coates of pva bonded it skimmed it soon as it picked up skimming going of straight away didn't have time to finish ceiling I will not be at work tomorrow I will be back at work on Friday if I pva and skim it will it be ok first time I hav done a...
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    Sponge float

    Sponge float used one Monday skimming was going off to quick just to give me more time what is the best wat to clean them micky
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    Skimming over concrete lintel

    i am skimming over a concrete lintel are there any pitfalls 2coated pva stuck a bead on good to go
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    Pva a wall

    can I pva a wall wait till it gets sticky and skim straight away also what racio do I use thanks micky
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    Bonding over skimming

    wall is way out thinking of bonding it to level it up do I need to pva over skimming and how many coats
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    Calibrating dewalt 088 laser

    laser is out on the vertical line it happened before a joiner calibrated for me just need some advice please mick
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    K rend or monochouce

    new to rendering just need some help only done 2jobs got a rendering job to do over sand and cement witch is badly cracked can I go over with k rend first pass and mesh then top coat and scratch can I use just Krend top coat as a base coat then top coat over and scratch can I double mesh cracks...