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    Working abroad

    Cheers danny. Worked away tons. Canada, holland Belgium france Gibraltar spain etc. I have a number for a dude in holland. But they are an agency. It isn't working away money they have local on their books as well as brits and any one else living and working there. It's about €40euro an hour...
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    Joddy Mixer machine

    I'm sure les lord was selling a pdt continuos mixer a week or so back . Or ian jones. Same thing only different
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    Site work North West

    We are 18yrs in so done all that. All about as many weekend breaks as possible with the family now . Weekends are last resort
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    Site work North West

    Aww man I've no chance . Playing catch up with work just been away for 2 weeks to get married. I try not to work weekends these days but needs must and all that. Thanks for the invite like
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    Site work North West

    What's this buddy. I only pop on here every now and again these days
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    Site work North West

    If this is Barry of nanson brothers. Hes a good egg. Done tons of skimming for them over the years good payers and money there on time every time
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    Shall I get this one.

    This i can vouche for as I bought the machine from john. And yeah I defo wanted to cover it in petrol the early days and set it on fire. But being patient ,lots of questions and trial and error got me there in the end
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    yes . not as good as wicks or flakes
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    Looking for plastering agencies in Netherlands

    Hi matt do you have a contact number please. ill forward you a couple numbers
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    fassa render

    go for it
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    fassa render

    big grain but wet it up with tbe spray nozzle on hose pipe and the power sponge closes it up nice
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    fassa render

    used tons of the gear mate its our go to product on all our suply jobs. Best gear for overnight. Also no slumping with their mono get 20mm plus in one pass easy
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    fassa render

    overnight yeah. Abit quicker than their mono but if you first pass in morning and second pass after lunch it will be bang on in morning bar and power sponge
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    fassa render

    i bar and sponge float pal. works a treat
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    Working away

    ive got the number of a guy in holland. i will send it over tomorow buddy
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    Bagged render.

    fassa ms20 and kc1 getting good reviews
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    render work liverpool

    A contact of mine is desperate to get some small pannels rendered with parex on a site in liverpool. maybe a weeks work. If interested leave details on here or pm. Thanks lee
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    They both called me up on thursday asking me if i knew any 1 looking . Both offering 3 and ims isnt a house bashing company its all large comercial work . He would prob negotiate quitw abit more as he has miles of boardwork waiting to be skimmed. Both pay on time as i so their renders and i...
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    Call ims drylinning if your based near liverpool. Minimum £3m2 skim prob get £3.50 if you ask him. Student accomadtion also sterling plastering looking for lads £3 m2 skimming
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    Large external render job West yorkshire

    I spoke with this guy last year. Spent a while on the phone discussing options for him never to get back to me when i was trying to arrange a meet n view the job.a number of times. Would have been done by now
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    Render ?What dates you looking at baz. I only have your old number
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    Back home now. Gibraltar finished june last year. Couple more big jobs coming up europe but few months away yet just finalising
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    Absoloutley . Alive and kicking big bad baz. You staying busy then. And y am i not doing your rendering jobs
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    Good egg is baz. Spot on to woek for
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    Plasterer wanted wigan

    Every second van is a spreads van.specialist All aspects covered. Skimming coving dry lining and my favorite k rendering ha
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    Plasterers wanted scotland

    You vot a phome number buddy. Got a mate that maybe interested in the ffs
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    64 houses in Cambridge

    That the danny i worked for in brighton with your kid ?
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    Norfolk tadelakt

    Moneys ggo Moneys good for us as we have been brought to work here from uk digs ( house) and travel payed. Morisons and euroski supermarkets. Marina is compete now but thers loadsa high rise going on around. We start 60 houses on mod land for him next late this year though. Been talking to mat...
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    Norfolk tadelakt

    Not to far then. U do internal/ externals? We been using weber pral prisma outside realy good gear. Slow set but alot finer than pral m. And proyal xl inside. God awful gear sold to us as a one coat . Even with the fino its bad. So the conteactor shipped in 40 pallets of hardwal instead for the...
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    Norfolk tadelakt

    Where abouts in the south you based buddy. We working down in gib atm . Since august. Think we staying on after this job. Spoke to a couple contractors. Plus thers another job for this one
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    How do greg. Forgot to thankyou for that work you did at my dads. Spot on. Helped us out there.
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    Sp11 for sale

    Done this with the jet once. The guy had already got the gear delivered so we gave it a whirl and it worked a treat.
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    Dorset plasterer

    Funny ha ha
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    Plasterers northwest

    Where you from in wigan buddy
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    Brisbane, Australia says HI!

    Not sure about your monjet buddy. But mine has one speed on and off. I used a d63 r&s which delivers around 25 ltrs min
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    Brisbane, Australia says HI!

    How do buddy. I have had a monojet for a few years now. What is it you would like to know exactly.
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    Amsterdam Netherlands

    Justed msged u pal
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    Renderers Wanted Crewe £17 pm

    Worked for this guy and money was spot on no issues. And if its the site im thinking of jimmy. ? Its quite aid back too
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    Used machine for sale

    U using a 43 or 34 clamp? I used the clan map on Weber lac and a 43 on sm pro. Both sprayed no probs but for me the 43 was to quick for 6mm
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    Used machine for sale

    She's just had a brand new top motor. As the old one went tits up . Going back on sales once we finish this job on the rock. Couple mixing consistency problems to rectify first though
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    St gobain placco

    I did cheers Ian. They had a top motor in stock which I got for a good price. Bit of fun fitting it as the motor is slightly off set from the plate where it attaches and my old one was in a straight line and bigger. The electrical problem was on one of the pins in the plug from the caddy to...
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    St gobain placco

    Me to ha. We start Friday as we waiting on another drop of render
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    St gobain placco

    That's the one. Cheers
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    St gobain placco

    So far yeah buddy . He just ordered another 900 bags to finish the job. So we off inside while we wait on delivery.
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    St gobain placco

    I'm in Gibraltar. He's got approx 5000 bags to use though. Plus all his render 90 pallets or so . Mp he cudnt get for less than about £5 I think
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    St gobain placco

    He's buying it at £2.00 plus pal and he's just had the first 20 pallets dropped so looks like we using it. The locals did a demo but they put a very fine filler over the top as well to get a finish. But we played with a little bit and it gets a finish without the filler. Just wondered if there...
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    St gobain placco

    Just about to start the insides of a job we have rendered. The contractor has gone for this instead of mp75 as its half the price and is what the locals use so it's easier to source. ( it's Spanish ) any ever used it? What's your thoughts. ? Any difference in the process to mp? Cheers
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    Plasterers needed in Warrington

    Thanks to @nickelarse for putting my number forward