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    Skim over existing plaster, what to do on existing angle beads?

    Hi everyone! On renovating my guest room I am planning to skim the walls. While the paint seems to be okay (meaning is not falling down) the plaster beneath is really below standards, there are scratches and bits, so I'd like to skim over it. I have some blue grit at home, and I plan to put it...
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    Old plaster removed, I need to plaster the substrate now, what process is the best?

    Hi everyone! As some of you might know, I am renovating my small ensuite. Since the paint was peeling in some area and I didn't want to risk further issues after skimming over it, I started removing all the paint... what a job! I bought a paint stripper but it seems that steam is what actually...
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    Plasterboard suggestions for the ceiling of a small en-suite

    Hi everyone, I am planning to remove the old ceiling plasterboard from the ensuite and replace it. I was thinking to replace it with a plasterboard mould resistant but I really have no idea. The project is to use plasterboard and paint on it, no cladding or PVC. Any recommendation for the type...