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    Carbon steel

    Hi lads what trowel do you use i currently using a kraft elite stainless and sometimes a marshaltown stainless. Thinking of getting a carbon steel do you guys use carbon steel if so what do you think of it. Also if anybody selling a carbon steel already broke in i be intrested buying it. Cheers...
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    monocouche render

    Hi lads is there any type of a render board what i can put on my shed and monocouche render do they do a board whats ok to do this. Cheers
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    Tax rebate

    Hi has everybody had there tax rebate or has it got a delay. Rung up the hmrc and they said there a issue with software at there end. And the women said all she can say u will be paid as soon as possible. Just wondering if anybody had any issues with theres. Cheers
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    Tax rebate

    Hi guys new to forum is there anybody else waiting for there self employed tax rebate my accountant put mine in on the 14th april still waiting for it hmrc said they am very busy at the moment with grants etc so it should take longer this year. Is anybody else still waiting. Cheers