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    render work liverpool

    A contact of mine is desperate to get some small pannels rendered with parex on a site in liverpool. maybe a weeks work. If interested leave details on here or pm. Thanks lee
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    St gobain placco

    Just about to start the insides of a job we have rendered. The contractor has gone for this instead of mp75 as its half the price and is what the locals use so it's easier to source. ( it's Spanish ) any ever used it? What's your thoughts. ? Any difference in the process to mp? Cheers
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    Mono jet for sale

    I am selling my. Pft monojet. Reason for selling its simple. I have had to second hand machines now and I feel it's time to invest in a shiny new one. I'm only selling the machine and AV 3000 water pump. Open to sensible offers but I am also putting it on eBay tonight. It's in full working order...
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    Sika render burnley

    30m2 to do in burnley. Straight forward job 1.5 high on to block work inside a garage that's retaining a garden. Already been tanked outside and land drain. Again I just dnt have time to do it. It's a 3 coat system 6mm each coat
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    float and set

    Big float and set job in chester. Ive been asked to do it but cnt. Contact me for info if interested
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    ritmo the little beast

    I had ben justice come over to a job today to spray a rear elevation of a house. My mates fcks his hand up and the lads of and the client is kicking my arse to complete. Inside and out. Ben sprayed and I ruled and the ritmo ate up 112 m2 of presto without skipping a beat. And he managed to put...
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    dabbing. Wirral

    Looking foe a spread give me a hand to finish dabbing a house. For the rest of week. The job is in Heswall and its high end work million pound house so quality competent trades only. Drop me a msg
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    cpi mono

    Any one used it? Ndi was pushing it the other day I like the finish very fine.
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    generator key

    For some unknown reason the lad took the key out. First time since i owned it. Now he's lost it. How do I get a new one. Its a genset Briggs and Stratton
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    help it stopped working

    Ok sprayed fine with the jet yesterday, put a new r&s on today kicked it up to prime machine, the motor turned then stoped but the light stayed on and the water pump kept working and feeding water to the mixing zone. But no life from the motor
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    Am i missing something?

    I've jst completed a small monojob for small plastering contactor and he was due to pay me Thursday when I finished. But today has told me the customer has payed him a cheque so I have wait for that to clear. Is there only me that sees a problem with this? I fail to see what it has to do with me...
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    Cheers @marshy

    As above cheers buddy gore helping me out and pushing a job on for us. Very neat tidy and professional . Other than render on the wall there are no signs that a plasterer has been . Cheers buddy
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    cpi coverage

    As above its going onto thermal about 12 mm .
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    cold weather

    I know its early but Just thought id put this out there. As temps are set drop over next couple weeks. Newbies be sure to keep in the habit of draining the water in ur machine and pipes just incase jack frost strikes
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    sm700 pro

    I'm gna be spraying this over mono that was done about 5 years ago . Then I'm gna put noblo on top. Do I need to prime the base before the noblo. With the base already being white
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    another rain day

    So after pushing just fir render fir the last 18mnth since I got the jet a big % of my work now is render, I'm now lay on my sofa looking at the shity weather wondering if it was a good Idea as I'm about to take another rain day. And no doubt many more to come. Do you ful time renderers just...
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    diy SOS the big build

    Spent my Sunday with Thi guy. They Renovating a full street in Manchester for our armed forces that have been injured. I spent the day there today and I'm giving up my time tomorrow also to. Help bring the project in on time for Friday.
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    dream customer

    I turned up yo a living room reskim this morning armed with all the usual tapes for masking up sockets sils windows etc and the role and strole for the laminate floor. To find the living room completely empty ,socket fronts pulled of and completely protected ceiling lights...
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    mono onto timber frame

    As above I'm on my way to price a job mono onto a full house old brick but its had dormers put on and they want mono onto this also. Any advice ? Also a garage which is prefab concrete panels that have been dashed . I'm thinking base with mesh then mono would be ok ?
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    rotating coupling

    My rotating coupling has gone really stiff. I squirt a little oil in everytime I clean the gun but now its at the point where its really tight. Am I doing something wrong or is this common. I've had it on now about 18 months
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    original pft silicone spray

    Just opened my parcel up with the spray in it cnt say much for its intended use yet but my van dash board looks brand new
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    xmas drinks

    @barryed just found this on my phone. When we having a piss up in ur neck of the woods seeing as u get lost everytime u come to wigan
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    mono scratchers

    Any one know anywhere near me ( Wigan) where I can walk in and buy on a satday morning?
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    knauf airless. backing coat and finish

    Right lads I've priced a job for mp75 at the customers request. And I've been in talks with him for a couple weeks since. Today he emailed me saying he had spoken to the knauf rep and she had mentioned an airless system of backing coat and finish. And asked if I had experience of which I...
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    oil leak genny

    The gasket where the oil filter bvolts onto the Genny I leaking. Where csn I buy a new one
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    mini jet 2

    just came across this. Asuming its pre ritmo?
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    liquid screed and my monojet

    As above I've been asked to do a living room and dinner. Is there anything different I need for my jet and what products are available. Thanks in advance
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    recent job

    Just some pics of a Jo we have on going. On with the out side tomorrow. I'll put some more up tomorrow
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    r&s life

    Right I sprayed 56 bags of Weber pral through a d63 which was holding at 11 b4 I started but I didn't check afterwards. Will I get another spray out of this or is I to risky I'm only asking as I'm waiting on another one but i need to be spraying tomorrow mornin and i all i have left is this 63...
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    d43 rotor

    Bit if a long shot but does anyone have a d43 rotor local to me I can grab today and I will replace it tomorrow. There has been a little mix up with an order and only have the stator with me cheer's.
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    webber scratched very quick.

    I sprayed Webber this morning started at 11 on 15 mm beads and it was ready for Finishing 2 hrs later. And it was in the shade. Anyone had this before ? Do you think it could cause problem's?
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    oil in holdong bracket

    When I clean my machine out and pull the paddle out there's oil on the end where I goes into the holding bracket and inside the holding bracket ???
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    Float and set work

    I'm on a job in North Wales denbigh and the bloke we are subbing to is looking to push the job on and we have a weeks holiday booked in. Nice job , dry line reveals so straight forward ceiling already skimmed , aprox 3000m left , if any one is interested pm me ur details and I will pass them on...
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    marmorit presto

    Just won two houses to be complete using presto. I'm just reading through the data sheet and it suggests to use a d63 r/s, is this a necessity or can a use a 43. Cheers
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    monjet water flow problem! i think?

    Right as above. The jet is spraying fine at ground level but as I take it up to 8 meters the inlet blocks up and the float drops from 5 to 4. Y ?
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    110v ritmo

    Just a quick post for any doubters or critics of the 110v ritmo. My monjet went tits up on site the other day and the other gang had finished spraying so the offered us the use of their 110v ritmo. Well 105 m2 of hardwall later , it didn't miss a beat ok it didn't feel as meaty as the jet but...
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    thin coat over mono

    As above I'm going over some Webber pral m. Its been up maybe 10 years now. What's the best way to treat the substrate before applying. Cheers
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    r&s and water settings

    Right I've been spraying with a d43 with a man ruling behind. But I'm gna be spraying and ruling myself for a week . So im swapping to a d63 to get the walls on quicker so I can turn back and rule b4 it starts to pick up . Will the water setting be different or will hardwall hve the same...
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    Plasterer manchester tomorrow

    as above. I promised my cousin I would go skim her bedroom tomorrow but sumet as cum up and I cnt make it. I don't want to let her down as she has already had a plasterer in who has produced the worst plastering I have ever seen and didn't Finnish. So it's been unibonded and there's a couple...
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    is there a rep I can contact in the North Wales area ?
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    Presure gauges

    I've unscrewed the gauges of my tester r&s tester and the one for material back presure as the have stoped working completely. Where can I by replacements?
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    Marmorite noblo

    What is it , can I spray it
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    I've got a r&s and its holding at12 wen I test it. I've got about a pallet of mp75 to spray tomorrow . Am I best throwing a new one on or will this one c the day out ?
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    mono thickness

    rigth I've used rend aid all over mi moms hous and this week end I've started to bead it and was hoping to start spraying the mono. But it's 4inch + out of plumb top to bottom so a couple scratch coats needed what's the max thickness recommended I can do in each coat. With Webber pral m.
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    plasterers wanted northwest

    Looking for a couple of spreads for skimming work starting Monday 1st. First job is on the wirrel ongoing work. Price work please inbox me for more details
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    machine wanted

    Right as above. I'm enquiring on behalf of somebody else. I know he's serious about buying. He is starting 7000m2 of float and set firstly on site with all the regulars rules n regs. Then his work will be a mixture of thin coat work on site school extension sfs buildings. And private mono work...
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    machine wanted

    Right as above. I'm enquiring on behalf of somebody else. I know he's serious about buying. He is starting 7000m2 of float and set firstly on site with all the regulars rules n regs. Then his work will be a mixture of thin coat work on site school extension sfs buildings. And private mono work...
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    plasterer Scunthorpe

    I need a plasterer to skim a 6 n long stud wall 2.4 high one night this week. Both sides has to be done after 5. Please inbox me for details
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    240 from my 3 phase genny

    is there any way I can have a240 point put on my genny so I can plug a transformer in. 2 reasons my genny for 110 has gone tits up today and secondly saves my dragging 2 gennys around all the time cheers