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    Leaflet drops

    Has anyone tried leaflets for generating work? I was thinking of getting a few thousand printed up then delivered around my area to see what happens. I was just interested to hear if anyone had done it and what were the results.
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    Hi all, Does or has anyone ever used ServiceMagic to get leads? I filled something in online (can't remember where) for these and started to get leads sent through to me via text & email. What they sent me had all the details about a job except contact details for the customer, they only contact...
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    Mixing Paddle

    Evening Gents, can anyone tell me where I can buy a big mixing paddle? The only ones I can find either online or in any tool shops are the small ones which I've already got. Also I'm after an extension thingamajig to make the shaft of the paddle longer, being 6ft 2 it hurts my back sometimes...
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    Lurker saying hi

    Hi all, my name is Simon and I'm a plasterer in the Crawley/Gatwick area. I was a renderer for 10 years before doing a 2 year college course in plastering with the aim of getting my nvq. I now do domestic plastering around Crawley and the surrounding areas.
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    Agency price

    I know it's not the done thing to discuss prices etc here but I found this episode a little alarming. Work on the domestic front has been a little slow recently for me, the jobs I've been getting have been good payers and I'm earning enough to live on but with Xmas looming I try an agency for...
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    GRC Render

    Does anyone use GRC render? (the grey stuff with fibreglass strands in). I used it for years whilst working for a textured coatings company but since they went tits up I've not seen anyone else using it.