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  1. LooWee

    k rend silicon k1

    K1 is the spray stuff. knocked it up plenty of times by mixer never had any problems. If anything it knocks up quicker and stays greener in the bucket for longer. I'm sure the k rend reps would have something to say about that though.
  2. LooWee

    Hello All

    To be honest, my old man is pretty cool, he gave me a trade what more could i ask for.
  3. LooWee

    Hello All

    Hope this is the right place...... Hi all, long time visitor of the site. I guess I just got bored of clearing my history so I could view more threads :rolleyes: From Camberley area in Surrey, 10 plus years experience, self-employed 2nd generation plasterer who still has put up with his Dad at...