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    Old bloke seeking labouring experience

    So, I've been on this site for a year now. I live near Halifax but have just started a level 2 course at Craven College in North Yorkshire, after doing a short C and G course at the same place over the summer. Being 41, many of you may say I am too old to start getting into this sort of...
  2. J

    Point deducted - why?

    I had 5 point deducted the other day - why was that? What is the prize for getting to 1000 points?
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    What is plaster? Question from a non-plasterer

    Hi As a non-plasterer can I ask the following basic question. Is stuff like Thistle Board Finish and Multi Finish just gypsum or is it gypsum with a light weight aggregate? And what about backing plasters such as Bonding - are they a mix of aggregate and gypsum? If they are mixes what...
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    Non-plasterer here

    Hi All I joined this forum a few weeks ago and thought it was time to introduce myself. I'm not a plasterer, but have become interested in plastering mainly through my interest in old buildings/conservation. I'm mainly hanging in the background at the moment but may pop up from time to time...