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    Summer styles

    I am not a work shorts wearer. I prefer lightweight and breathable trousers for working in summer. A lot of options out there! Companies do summer deals. BTW, do you guys use knee pads a lot?
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    Knee pads!

    Do you know any slim fit painters trousers from this company? I have done a lot of research.. seems this brand is worth extra pounds But not sure they do slim fit painters trousers
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    Knee pads!

    Ya! they're quite affordable with many well-weighted pockets. But which model did you exactly get?
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    Knee pads!

    Ha! I've heard of the model quite a lot recently. They look comfy and stretchy... allowing great freedom of movement. Haha! Have a look at these pictures. I really had a good laugh. The guy seems to show off his yoga skills rather than painting.. Anyone has worn this model or any Blaklader...