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    Just wet your finger and it down the corners as you trowel up
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    Working at height

    Yeah it folds all different angles I don’t usually use it but it seemed ok for what I was doing I was wrong :-0
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    Working at height

    Thanks for the support guys it’s appreciated
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    Working at height

    Surgery all done Metal bar through my bone now ,
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    Working at height

    I had foldable ladders in a hop up shape I had a plank across it but just misjudged the length , stepped off it backwards and my leg got stuck between the rungs and snapped , I have surgery in the morning to put a metal bar through it so will ease some of the pain hopefully. I was only...
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    Working at height

    Slipped off ladders on Wednesday morning broke my fib and tib Happy days !
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    Basecoat dragging not flattening

    No one will wanna rent them after you’ve f**k*d them up
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    Hardwalling a front rolm

    You could scrim the edges before you skim the ceiling Just an idea
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    Plasterboard nightmare

    Tiny little pin holes it’s like a key
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    Anybody had a letter in post yet

    This is the whole article
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    Is this a job well done?

    The client plastered that themselves and wants you to put it right
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    How many bags a day

    Three 3.5 bag hits a day is comfortable
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    Would you?

    Would be funny if the builder is on this forum
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    Shower edge help!!

    Just f**k it off and move house job done
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    Hall & stairs

    Mrs Jones can f**k off So can you
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    Hall & stairs

    Nice to meet you kuntownsend
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    Unhappy with plastering job - cold bridge roof to blame?

    f**k sake just tell us what you paid him!!!
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    Wide beads

    Ccf sell them
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    But if the steel is tight up to the brick work that it is supporting , which it should be , how will you get the top clip in?
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    Self employed payment

    cant this c**t just f**k off ,he’s getting boring now
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    Heads up

    I’m I’m thinking that when you go shopping at the moment then your putting half your trolley in the food baskets on the way out then?
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    Wot no eggs!

    Missing the white dust Enjoying not being covered in the pink dust
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    Newly boarded and skimmed ceiling cracking?

    I thought it was now meant to be 12.5mm for 400 centres 15 mm for 600
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    Vibrating straight edge

    Every time I go to work hanging my straight vibrates anyway
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    Wot the feck

    Done this Saturday , had to roll it all the way round , worth it in the end
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    9.5mm board or 12.5mm?

    You can only use 9.5 when there 47 inches apart
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    Most valued tool

    The Labouerer , proper f**k**g tool
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    Anyone cut down a speedskim?

    Watch your mate drop it off a tower, it cuts it self when it lands
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    Punchy as fook

    And make him watch as you f**k his wife
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    Can you dot and dab straight onto external facing wall

    New window board after stud is built ??
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    Corner trowel twicher tips

    Don't let to much fat build up on it
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    Pricing jobs!!

    I always allow a day or two just incase , sometimes you'll use them other times you don't
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    Drag marks

    Keep your trowel clean as your doing it
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    One coat wonder

    At end of the day who gives a f**k what anyone does with the s**t , aslong as it looks good when painted that's all that matters
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    One coat wonder

    Only get away with one cost sponge on board aswell , everything else 2 coat
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    Itemised pricing.

    Hey guys new here , names Stewart Plastering 12 years , hope your all well