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  1. themucky1

    Fassa Bortolo

    Had a strange email today from fassa, apparently their ceo has been arrested for tax evasion had cash and assets confiscated, apparently the uk company in Tewksbury was a shell company for avoiding tax! Had anyone else had this or heard anything about it?
  2. themucky1

    It’s on

    The great escape 2 has just started come on you baggies, fuckkn dingle inbreeds
  3. themucky1

    Ewi in oxford

    Any of you cockwombles near oxford? I’ve had an enquiry today for a full ewi system to a nice size property but I’m stacked out plus Oxford is out of the question for me. If anyone’s interested pm me and I’ll send you over the site pics and contact details
  4. themucky1

    Sign writing

    How many of you have got your vans sign written? I’ve never had any of my vans done due to the fact that when we was ever stuck in traffic or on the motorway any plasterers that had there vans written used to get stupid phone calls to pass the time and brighten the day and didn’t want it...
  5. themucky1

    Fassacouche mono

    Anyone used fassa bortolo monocouche? I've heard it's decent gear and want to give it a bash on the next job, my main concern is the setting times the rep I spoke to told me it's a 24hr set but wanted some first hand advice??????? C.O.Y.B
  6. themucky1

    Installers wanted

    Alright lads I'm looking for a gang or two of ewi installers and Renderers for some up and coming work I've got, mainly domestic with the occasional big job popping up, ideally based in the Midlands, must be clean and tidy and not looking to back door me at the first opportunity lol, the more...
  7. themucky1

    Pft jetset

    Bought one recently but the manual is in German can anyone help me with an English manual lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. themucky1

    Johnstones stormshield

    As above has anyone used their gear I've spoke to some lads I know and they rate it but they're f**k**g liars, I just want some feedback before I put it on any of my jobs and go through the bullshit "installer training" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. themucky1

    Pft swing gun

    Just wanting some advice from the Pft lads, have any of you ever used the swing gun for thin coat work? Was thinking of putting the swing gun on my Monojet with a slow Rotar and stator and possibly using a vmeko compressor for a decent spray pattern? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. themucky1

    Dutch green deal

    Just seen this on LinkedIn I dunno if anyone else has seen or heard about it but looks like this may give the industry a bit of a boost and put pay to the shitty eco deal rates on carbon tonnage have a read for yourself Sent from my...
  11. themucky1

    Green deal dead

    Hi guys just seen the news and received emails from the orb in regards to the green deal financing and home improvement fund being killed off, just wondering how many guys on the forum will be affected by this and your thoughts on going forward. Apparently the government want to work with the...
  12. themucky1

    green deal accreditation ??????

    hi lads im after some info and want to pick the brains of the educated :RpS_biggrin:, basically im giving some consideration in becoming a green deal accredited installer to access funding for customers which hopefully in turn will hopefully generate a little more business. so the question is...
  13. themucky1

    anyone ever used one???

    hi lads just came across this on fleabay Plastering machine joddy.mix | eBay has anyone used one?how are they used? what are their capabilities ect what would win in a race between this machine an eze and a ritmo :RpS_lol: only joking with that one
  14. themucky1

    long time listener first time caller

    hi lads as the title suggests i've popped on a few times but never really got involved so thought id give it a wack and join in the discussions and banter and maybe make a few new oppo's along the way. speak to you all soon:RpS_thumbup: