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  1. Wayners

    Patching up after rewire.

    I run masking down either side of channels day before if I can and lash with Pva. Tape boxes ect. Couple of double handfuls of bonding in multi and get as many done as possible in one hit. Just as setting get a wet multi over and pull tapes keeping wall clean and get moving around the lot...
  2. Wayners

    Asbestos in artex - overboard vs skim

    I use magnet to find joists. Well it finds the nails.
  3. Wayners


    Tesco, savers, B&m, The range, pound shop sell soda. Like this Baking soda or Bicarbonate soda works as same stuff.. Find old tool box with minimum water to cover blades and wang in...
  4. Wayners

    Grit fail

    I always pva grit 3-1 ish however I'm not a fan of it. Prefer a polymer without the grit then pva over that. Never had a single fail yet fingers crossed. I hate applying grit
  5. Wayners

    Pva problems

    £80 Bodged on £80 vac with power takeoff. Jobs a good un Great for white wash or distemper prior to sealing and no worries about plaster adhesion
  6. Wayners

    Coving cracks

    Open up joints and seal with 50/50 pva although I prefer gardz or beeline sealer then toupret standard powdered filler thick. Get it right in joints
  7. Wayners

    Pva problems

    Just sand off paste residue with 80grade on orbital sander as quick then pva. Other way is to use gardz as will neutralise paste when dry then pva and skim. giraffe sanders is £100 or cheap orbital from DIY bodged on vacuum but bigger the plate the better. 5 mins a wall is enough to get...
  8. Wayners

    Working at height

    Hope that all gets fixed and back going again soon. Frightening accident. Speedy recovery there. Will you set off metal detectors now?
  9. Wayners

    Mixed suction backgrounds

    I use gardz and let that dry, pva and skim. So many polymer / primers on them market. Just have to pick one and get a on with it
  10. Wayners

    isothiazolinone in pva skin reaction

    After waiting nearly 2 years I had patch test at local hospital and I have a common allergy to methylisothiazolinone/ isothiazolinone and other names it goes under, but all the same stuff. It's in pva and paints. It's not the plaster so much causing skin troubles but more pva and other sealers...
  11. Wayners

    Patching after electricians

    Lash all the dry edges of cut outs and ceiling board with Pva 3-1 and let it dry for a few hours. Use toupret powder and it won't crack.
  12. Wayners

    Dewalt Toolstak/Toughsystem

    I also have tote boxes with folding lids. Cheap to buy and many sizes. They are the cheap option used
  13. Wayners

    Pica pencil holder and sharpener

    @MakeItSmooth I'm just sorting my tools out. Looking for better kit and ways to store to hand plus carry less with me as a bit overrun with stuff. Getting up and down and running around ain't as easy now I'm getting older so need stuff to hand and pencils and tape measures seem to vanish in...
  14. Wayners

    Pica pencil holder and sharpener

    Carpenters pencil holder and sharpener. Pica 505 Pica Pocket carpenter pencil. This is a mechanical pencil and you just swap lead in pencil toolstation sell similar...
  15. Wayners

    Dewalt Toolstak/Toughsystem

    Stanley boxes fit the dewalt as same company, same clips and a bit cheaper Yeah they are good Or go with the Systainer boxes. Many brands and you can buy from a company that makes them but I think Stanley and...
  16. Wayners

    Gorrlia hook for drill driver

    What is everyone using to hold drill on belt? Found this and thought it looked good for screwing plasterboard ect
  17. Wayners

    Parachute bag for kit.

    Sorry. This is the link to parachute bag. My mistake. Although the bucket bag is also a good idea.
  18. Wayners

    Parachute bag for kit.

    Ever heard of a parachute bag? No I haven't. Use for nails or batteries, screws ect. Cheap at £22 and they stack in a plastering bucket.
  19. Wayners

    Braces (Suspenders) for work trousers and belts.

    Anyone know the way to tie laces so they don't come undone yet you can still pull the end as normal. That was another frustration of mine. Seems sometimes ladders and on your feat all day causes laces to come loose. Maybe a post for another day as I know..
  20. Wayners

    Braces (Suspenders) for work trousers and belts.

    I've always needed them. Wore holes in the waste where I kept grabbing to the pull up. Flipping nightmare tbh. It's a lottery on your body shape I guess..
  21. Wayners

    Braces (Suspenders) for work trousers and belts.

    That's it. Da da da da du du du. Classic. Brilliant bit of comedy. :) Other problem is. People tighten straps. You get shoulder pain or back pain. Need to be slack and loose when stood up.Your general movement will keep trousers up and should not know you got them on.
  22. Wayners

    Braces (Suspenders) for work trousers and belts.

    St Straps in wrong place at the front. Need to be out the side a tad more and it fine away so no joggers nipple. Lol. Too far out straps fall off shoulder so need to be in correct spot for you. No grandfathers or others to pass on this information I guess. Cotton sting vests are great and...
  23. Wayners

    Braces (Suspenders) for work trousers and belts.

    Why you posting pictures of your birthday party in this thread @carl-the-plasterer? Mind you I was waiting for something. Blue Oyster bar maybe ha
  24. Wayners

    Roof trusses uneven what's best?

    Wood off the floor cut to lowest point.. Then tack strips of wood to the side of joist to match the height. Then see what you need to pack joists but this is if floor is level Then see where you are at. String line is naff and never works. Other way is lazer level (dewalt) about 1m high line...
  25. Wayners

    Braces (Suspenders) for work trousers and belts.

    You can also get velcro belt loops. They wrap around the belt. Also braces with belt loop clasps. Not tried them but hooking on belt loops is also a good idea. I like to carry fastback knife for board and general cutting plus tape measure and phone holder so belt is important with the weight...
  26. Wayners

    Braces (Suspenders) for work trousers and belts.

    Perry make braces that will clip to belt vs crocodile clips. Just got a pair from ebay from America for under £20. Also available in the UK. Those metal crocodile clips on some can come off so these plastic belt hooks are a really good idea Tushi belts are good although you have to remove...
  27. Wayners

    Plaster patch over lathe ceiling

    Pva around the edge. Lash it on 2 coats. Blob well around the edge so old plaster is solid all around. Then dot and dab board with a few screws just to hold until set to pack out. Few more screws. Pva around edge Plaster level with ceiling
  28. Wayners

    Roller for reskims

    Yeah that's another way but it's transporting it.. Have seen that done though.. Guess that will work well
  29. Wayners

    Roller for reskims

    I clean mine so microfibre sleeve is best. 9 inch is good enough although I think the bigger the better but it's just pva so unless it's a large area stick with 9 inch. Wrap in cling film when done and it will last for days / weeks although summer will kill it with heat wave. Dunk in water...
  30. Wayners

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    @carl-the-plasterer The grab power and being able to adjust in and out ain't great with plaster. It is with polymer though. I don't disagree with you, but I've just found it easier and less messy and one less clean up with small mix to use mastic. I think it's a bit quicker to just mastic...
  31. Wayners

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    @carl-the-plasterer Im all domestic. Anything from old 1800s laths to 1950s internal cement backing. Hardly ever any plasterboard for me as that's easy with a few staples . Also beads over artex walls. Anyway. I'm all for sharing ideas and don't mind getting shot at if some think it's naff.
  32. Wayners

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    @carl-the-plasterer Its time wasted with finish setting on some walls with windows in ect messing about setting them in. Also nailing on cement render and others ways of fixing ain't good enough sometimes and clout nails seem to end up in tyres. I remember running the vacuum around and catching...
  33. Wayners

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    Sticks like and ob1 or CT1 and many others are similar polymer mastics and unlike silicone they are said to not go hard so quick in the nozzles. I just tape the end or use nozzle packs with screw cap ends that you can buy. The large everbuild I linked to has the larger thread nozzle so I have...
  34. Wayners

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    You don't need to wait. Skim on straight after fixing and move if required even after first skim. After about 30-40 mins it starts to dry though and can't be moved so easily if required. Decorating wet wipes cleans off hands or any overspill but you don't need to apply much. Keep it neat. Any...
  35. Wayners

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    Tried everything from super glue to foam. From grip fill to nails. Found the best stuff is polymer mastic. Sticks to everything Inc wet pva. Thin bead of mastic and on with the metal beads and plaster straight away of following day. Whatever. Simple. Holds really well from the start. Like this...
  36. Wayners

    Bostik green grit.

    Try beeline sealer before bluegrit. Beeline sealer is a pva emulsion. It is not like pva you know. It's dont go sticky and will stick to a range of surface from glass to plaster and won't come off, so mix 3-1 (give it time to dry) then the bluegrit goes on a treat
  37. Wayners

    Bostik green grit.

    Sbr before green grit was recommended on youtube demo to kill suction if memory serves
  38. Wayners

    To any fibrehands, what if any tool belts do you like? bonus points for a hammer loop and drill holster.

    Perry Suspenders like these X type as will clip on a decent belt Clever those vs clips Y Shape avaliable as well. Also like the millatry tactical belts...
  39. Wayners

    Cheltenham tips

    I'm on champ in gold cup. I'm no gambler though. Just saying. 2nd favourite
  40. Wayners

    Cracked paint

    Cut a handle of a old hand saw and drag that across to break through surface. 100s of scratch marks for a great key. Then have a really good scrape at it. Prime with gardz.. Then up to person who skims as either blue grit or pva. Both work great, just some like one of over the other and both...
  41. Wayners

    Cornice plaster

    Hobby craft sell in small bags. Larger bags can be bought at a cornice and moulding shop / factory where their make and sell
  42. Wayners

    Fixing angle bead

    Polymer mastic works well.. Inside and out. Stick on wet pva or dry walls. Solid from the off.. Foam gun I've also used but a too much messing.. Staples on new board works well
  43. Wayners

    Are plasterer selling them selfs short.

    Cheap reliable person to plaster lounge. Right. Who's cheap and reliable then?
  44. Wayners

    Plaster-boarding tips between floors

    Board ceiling to the edge. Board up to ceiling after.. Is that what you are asking otherwise I'm with that door knob trump. Confused. No difference if you do it the way other way though and wall first. Join will be in the same place
  45. Wayners

    Bostik green grit.

    Is that the one they recommended sbr on really old walls first then paint green grit over?
  46. Wayners

    Turnover test - 5th Grant

    I never claimed 3rd grant.. If your working flat out and your paying money in the bank plus buying materials and claiming against business plus other bill like van and fuel, mortgage being paid and you claim just to trouser cash and they come knocking you need to defend yourself with facts and...
  47. Wayners

    Wanted board lift

    Hire one for £50 a week or £30 a day
  48. Wayners

    Artex! how do you do yours?

    I'm doing a big artex staircase walls and ceilings next week. No problem.. Had a dig and all stuck well. Scrape the lot. I'll beeline seal then pva and skim.
  49. Wayners

    Distemper or not??

    Need to seal artex day before and dig at older paper tapes to see if they will pull out. Will blow sometimes with the damp. If white tapes then not asbestos. I seal day before with beeline sealer. Fill channels and tape if I've have pulled tapes and leave. Following day beeline over...
  50. Wayners

    Distemper or not??

    Buy 4 for free delivery Water down to spec. On bricks and old masonry I spray with £20 hvlp for speedy application