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  1. Stevieo

    Sand Coverage

    25kg of sand @15mm onto scratch coat. How far will it go?
  2. Stevieo

    Sand Coverage

    25kg of sand @15mm onto scratch coat. How far will it go?
  3. Stevieo

    Marshaltown Carbon

    Knob Heads. @JessThePlasterer @Olican @theclemo @Cockney1 @zombie @ChrispyUK @algeeman @stuart23 @Vincey @MakeItSmooth @superspread @essexandy
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    Fury Vs Paul

    Paddy Power is offering 7/5 If anyone is stupid enough to bet on Paul, I'll give you 2/1
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    @algeeman says hiya handsome. X
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    . {√π÷} {π÷¶} (8!) ... Knob head @Casper
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    Five days Alf

    Only five days to go. @algeeman
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    6 More Days of Sorrow

    6 days @algeeman That's less than a week Alf I can't wait!
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    Bond It Failed

    Anyone else had bond it fail? Came through the plaster on me like wallpaper. Obviously I did the right thing - rubbed a bit of fat on it at the end and ran off. Wont be getting a call back cos it's a flip house but what might have caused it? I'm thinking either lab put it on too thin, I...
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    . Knob head. @JessThePlasterer @algeeman @John j
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    Arch Formers

    What's the general consensus on these? They work alright but they seem a bit on the flimsy side? Common sense to use them or the work of an amateur?
  12. Stevieo

    Remind Me Who's in Ireland

    We're just about to start work on this bad boy. Smashing the shite out of the ground floor and moving the doors and windows around. Be pretty much the case that the whole front will need re rendered. The job's in Milford and it's more than I want to take on because I don't really do any...
  13. Stevieo

    Bathroom Fitting Courses

    Anyone done one of these? Given the quality of short plastering courses, I'm deeply suspicious. Seen one, £900 for two weeks and in that two weeks they'll teach me all aspects of bathroom renovation. Plastering, tiling, plumbing - the lot! From scratch! No experience necessary! Needless to...
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    Mardy Customer

    Customer has been behind me and isn't happy about what he feels is overcharging him on a dehumidifier. Basically I quoted him £30 a day for it and he's found that I'll only have paid for the first 3 days when the machine was on the job 6, so the way he figures, my price is £90 heavy. It's...
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    Brick Acid.

    Will it shift paint? Specifically dulux weather shield off brick paviour. Asking for a friend.
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    Fekkin Love Starting A New Job.

    #christmas. 4 weeks to get that lot on the wall and put a floor down. Nice work if you can get it.
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    How The Fcuk

    Am I going to do this? Them tiles round that lot.
  18. Stevieo

    Painting Render.

    Got a little bit of a building front to do. The customer wants it painting but there's some damaged s&c to replace and a decorative band to add in place of some shitty pvc. Thing is - when can I paint the render. Can't really afford to play it by ear cos there's going to be a £300 a day...
  19. Stevieo

    Stop Going On The Internet Pissed Steven

    Now look at the state of it. I've gone and offered Smoother a fight, haven't i? Well, I've said I can do it, so I shall have to. Training begins tomorrow.
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    What's this?

    It came in a pack of door furniture but I can't figure out what dfuq it is. Not looking like such a shithole now by the way, eh?
  21. Stevieo

    Painting Too Early.

    Got some skim that's been painted too early. It's (not) drying patchy. What's to be done, scrape it back or just wait? Asking for a friend.
  22. Stevieo

    Washing Machine

    How long do you lot's washing machines last? Dunno about you but everything I own is full of sand. Trousers full of sand. Pockets full of sand and screws. Money all full of sand. How long before the washing machine is full of sand and packs up?
  23. Stevieo

    Rendering On To Ridiculous Substrate.

    I've got some patching to do where the render has come off in sheets. It's easy to see why, the fella who did it scratched it with a broom. I'm not sure if this is some sort of scudding onto poured concrete or not. Can I use some sort of glue on to this or should I investigate further?
  24. Stevieo

    Steve Can You Sort This Out?

    Some work for a painter. This isn't squatters either. The tenant was living like this.
  25. Stevieo

    Estimating Render Materials.

    What's a good estimate per m^2 for S&C, on blockwork? Scratch and finish. Thanks chaps.
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    Right...I don't usually touch render, but I should be able to manage this...iss only a bit of a patch, where some decorative shite is being pulled out, so I reckon I can fill that, screed it off the existing and rub it up. What's the crack with SBR? Paint the blockwork with it? If so, do I use...
  27. Stevieo

    Massive Reveals

    Just it just me or does anyone else struggle to get them dead straight? I put a couple of floor to ceiling ones on the other day and maddened myself trying to eye them in. I'd never really thought about it before so I paid special attention to others around the building.....if...
  28. Stevieo

    Mortar Accelerator.

    What do I need to know? I have a very small job to do tomorrow, bu tit's awkward, I need a lift to do it and it's winter in Ireland. The sooner I'm away, the better. I can't even inspect properly until the job's underway. So - how quickly does accelerator work? And what else do I need to...
  29. Stevieo

    BFO Crack

    Customer want to use a product. There's been some movement in the building and it's cracked, allowing water ingress which has destroyed two flats. Customer states that water ingress is definitely from this crack. Customer states that the building won't move any more. Customer feels that sand...
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    I've always used a Marshaltown handyhawkboard. It cost me £40 and I was very happy with it. I'vve noticed that most people use one, so clearly, they are very happy with them too. But because I'm tight and needed a handyhawkboard in a hurry, I bought a polyurothane one. It cost me £20 and I...
  31. Stevieo

    Pricing Help.

    I'm pricing up a bit of a job at the moment and wondering what to charge. Float and set a corner here. Make good. Build out and skim two window walls @2.4x3.6 Windows are 2.6x1.8 Replace skirting and sills. Paint. and generally make good. Repaint front door gloss black outside and British...
  32. Stevieo

    Areas Liable To Condensation/Poor Airflow Etc

    I've got an area stripped that I *think* has been affected by black mould caused by rubbish storage in a cold indoor area. Well, the customer thinks that so that's what we're running with - straight replaster. I know I can get mould retardant paint which I'll be using but is there any admix...
  33. Stevieo

    Cleaning up paint

    I've only gone and dropped a bucket of magnolia paint off the ladder, haven't I? Hard work and a lot of water has shifted the worst of it but there's still boot prints. Surface is smooth tarmac. Any magic stuff for shifting boot prints? Will patio cleaner do it? I was wondering id I could...
  34. Stevieo

    Rogue Plasterer Doing The Rounds.

    Saw this fella on Rogue traders last night. I know he's a member on here but I don't know his username. He'll be looking for work just now, most likely on here. For Christ's sake, don't hire him. The last fella who gave him a job, he pulled their...
  35. Stevieo

    Plastering Shuttered Concrete.

    Gents (and @JessThePlasterer and @little G** bloke) I've not done this before - what do I need to know about doing it? - the area was damp previously - problem with windows that's now been fixed. Is it a good or bad idea to use bonding to build it back out?
  36. Stevieo

    Is There Such A Thing As Premixed Plaster?

    Not the big tubs that you get on site but small sealed ones - if so, what's the best stuff? I've got some big holes to fill and a couple of reveals to build back out - not being a renderer, I don't have a mixer (renting one seems a bit of overkill) and turning it by hand wouldn't be ideal due...
  37. Stevieo

    What Do You Suggest?

    This internal wall has a problem. The plaster appears to be sound but as you can see, salt and all sorts of shite has trashed the paintwork. There is a crack in the external wall but it doesn't appear to be consistent with the damp/mouldy patch. Thoughts?
  38. Stevieo

    Own Up. Who Is This?

    A cowboy builder, caged after being exposed by the Mercury, is pursuing a new career after being behind bars – after enrolling on a plastering course, sources close to the shamed tradesman claim. The shameless Builder now uses an extensive facebook advertising campaign - Link...
  39. Stevieo

    Back Looking. Manchester/NW.

    I got the start I was after - the guy even paid me, which was nice. Learned quite a bit in the time I was there, but they ran out of work and the firm has evaporated - as they do. I'd forgotten about that bit of the job. So I'm a little further on than I was before. Turns out that I can hold...
  40. Stevieo

    Experience Wanted In Manchester/NW

    Hi Guys. First post, so be nice. I'm looking for some experience/improvement time. Willing to work for nowt/very cheap. I have my own tools and am capable of taking on my own jobs, including for jobbing builders, but I'd definitely benefit from working with/for a proper plasterer for a while...