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  1. Rossi46

    How is this even possible?

    Sorting out a cock up job that some noob had a chance at. How has he even got mesh on without mortar behind it? It’s not pinned on. Weird!
  2. Rossi46

    Ritmo rip off

    £6200+vat for a Ritmo copy. The “Predator” :frenetico::risas:
  3. Rossi46

    Fake Limestone

    What are the verdicts on this. I think it’s nasty and cheap looking.
  4. Rossi46

    Usyk vs Joshua

    Thought I’d throw this thread in as it’s getting close. Predictions?
  5. Rossi46


    Get yourself one of those Chinese render machines that you have to fix to the floor and the ceiling then shovel your mortar into it, then it puts it on the wall for you. Genius. P.S. Can’t be used outside as there aren’t ceilings outside. P.P.S. The neighbours might not like it as it sounds like...
  6. Rossi46


    Sparks that can’t be arsed chasing boxes in. Apparently boxes are moving to 35mm because of wireless gizmo’s etc in the sockets and switches. Every box in this job is surface mounted! Then you get the builders saying “o can you not just build the walls out heavier” WTF! Extra work for free...
  7. Rossi46

    Ritmo hire

    Do PFT hire any ritmo’s? I know P1SS does but I’m familiar with the Ritmo so it would be a case of just going at it. Thanks
  8. Rossi46

    Reece Hill

    C’mon, say hello, I know you’re spying on here :LOL: Jake told me so .
  9. Rossi46

    Hybrid Painters Tape

    Noticed some of this on P1’s site when I was getting some tapes ordered. Always thought standard blue dolphin window tape could be a pain at times when you just want a quick tear. This Hybrid tape feels just like the window tape but tears nice and easy in your hand. Seems very nice to work with...
  10. Rossi46

    Should of paid mate

    Not sure if this is genuine but the car is a write off for sure
  11. Rossi46

    Dewalt Toolstak/Toughsystem

    Has anybody got these toolboxes? My old Stanley trolley is worse for wear and I’m thinking about going bigger. Get more tools in and almost everything in one go to and from jobs. They’re pricey but get great reviews. Cheers all
  12. Rossi46

    Wack deal

    Doesn’t seem a bad deal but never bought beads from them and would be fuming if they turned out to be warped and shite.
  13. Rossi46

    Mono crack fix

    I’m pricing a cleaning job and there’s a crack in some Weber Chalk and the owner is asking if it can be filled. I said it can’t and now they’re asking for it to be painted to fill the crack. I’m not a painter and I won’t be painting it but has anyone successfully sorted a crack in mono? I...
  14. Rossi46

    Accounting Apps/Software

    Sorry if this has already been done but I find the search function on this forum difficult. Who uses an accounting App (Sage, Quickbooks,Xero) etc etc for their book keeping and self assessment? My accountant is good but doesn’t do a massive amount and his annual cost is reaching £500!!! Can...
  15. Rossi46

    Trampoline for sale

  16. Rossi46


    @tapit was decent enough to send me some samples of his BeadFix tape for me to give it a whirl. As I’ve said before I think there is a place for this but wanted to see what it’s like in your hands and how it holds on the wall. I’d glued the walls and let the glue dry and the tape stuck really...
  17. Rossi46

    Open a can of worms

    What are people opinions of this? Bridging the skills gap will only keep rates lower in my opinion. God forbid the rates should go up to a decent amount. BG short course.
  18. Rossi46

    Carbon tools cleaner

    If this has already been done then, whatever, but by pure accident I was sat the other day pissing about at dinner getting some finish off my small tool. I’d just had some butties and with the tin foil I wrapped them in still in my hand I started to rub. Wow! A bit of water and a good rub with...
  19. Rossi46

    Asbestos testing

    Got a little job with a bowed artex ceiling. Leaked in so it has to come down. Customer isn’t sure on date it was done but the house was built in the 70’s. Has anyone had an asbestos test done? Is it expensive and was it a ballache or quick and easy? Salutations Me
  20. Rossi46

    Quality Persimmon homes
  21. Rossi46

    Colour problems

    Having a nightmare at the moment with indecisive customers that aren’t happy with the render colour they chose from the samples. In fact it’s happened a lot. Mono and thin coat. What more can you possibly do than show them a f’in sample?! Another thin coat job finished and I get a text saying...
  22. Rossi46

    Cracked flow tube

    Anyone else had this? Not sure how it’s happened. Setting up this morning it pissing out. Is it a hard job to replace? Cheers
  23. Rossi46

    Make Good

    I’m interested to know how Ryan’s big push with Make Good finish has gone. He had loads of people buying it and he had good feedback :ROFLMAO: sand to the Arabs, ice to Eskimo’s. Are his shelves still full or has he told the Turks they can keep their talcum powder shite and shove it in their...
  24. Rossi46

    Different setup

    Here’s a nice little simple setup for anyone interested. Can imagine it’s pretty problem free doing it this way...
  25. Rossi46

    Can’t get plaster!!!!

    Just thought I’d give Danny something to do. :burlas:
  26. Rossi46

    Big money rendering

    John J money to be had here. Don’t miss out!