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  1. theclemo

    Solar Panels

    We have 8 on my house to it's looking good so far after a year I think I'll have a good look and I'll go for more
  2. theclemo

    M-tec m200 machine

    go with someone that has one record them setting it up and cleaning it out there is your training iv did videos for people for the ritmo set up and clean down all flying using the machine after it
  3. theclemo

    Strata mp025

    it's the mixing shaft tread closed. am great
  4. theclemo

    240v render machine
  5. theclemo

    Need help on job Top money paid

    c**t still didn't pay me the 50 yet
  6. theclemo

    Bonding or Hardwall

    use smet Onecoat hardcoat projection plaster. mesh the timber
  7. theclemo

    Ritmos L plus rotor/stator

    U should be fine just take the water settings down a bit as the r@s gets used more u should always have a spare one with u
  8. theclemo

    Ritmo start up

    slimline u can't fill up with render on startup the machine won't jam if you do fill it up what happens is when spraying u get the render coming out the gun and every few seconds it stops coming out the gun and gos again. the ritmo l or m u can fill up the hopper b4 u start the machine
  9. theclemo

    Ritmo start up

    It sure does I'd have to ask a mate where he gets it from he says it's the best of the best tho
  10. theclemo

    Ritmo start up

    what ritmo is it
  11. theclemo


    i it's gone mate sold it 6 months ago.
  12. theclemo


    the smet Onecoat hardcoat projection plaster is sets 5 Newton
  13. theclemo

    Joddy mix

    I sold my joddy it was OK for hardwall did the job
  14. theclemo

    Joddy mix

    how much is the bg one and what is the covage a bag at 10mm and does it set 5 Newton like the smet Onecoat hardcoat projection plaster bet it doesn't the smet one works out around £11.50 a bag inc vat and delivery does 2.7m2 a bag at 10mm.
  15. theclemo

    Youtube wankers!!!

    U should see @Vincey how to plaster YouTube how did u miss that
  16. theclemo


    U can get a Onecoat dash Receiver why not ask your plasterer that did the work
  17. theclemo

    Skimming over ocr ??

    In the picture above that's it over block walls and plasterboard its not painted to
  18. theclemo

    Skimming over ocr ??

    Just use the smet one coat HC projection plaster it will be the best way on your own
  19. theclemo

    Skimming over ocr ??

    Must have a big cement mixer
  20. theclemo

    Skimming over ocr ??

    Could use a tanking render
  21. theclemo

    Skimming over ocr ??

    U shouldn't use skim to if that is going to be a problem
  22. theclemo

    Skimming over ocr ??

    This one sets 5 Newton solid as f**k it's nice to use to can reskim with it to
  23. theclemo

    Power float

    Some like them some don't get a battery one far better
  24. theclemo

    Skimming over ocr ??

    Just use a one coat plaster cheaper faster and less work only £10 a bag inc vat
  25. theclemo

    Best supplier of limelite in the North West Only £9.96 a bag
  26. theclemo

    Apprentice questions

    Don't do it. Its not worth it for u madness costs u a fortune just get a piss head a few days a week pay it cash
  27. theclemo


    All good zombie not plastering anymore took a job selling render and plaster and floor screed happy what am doing now.
  28. theclemo


    How u keeping mate
  29. theclemo

    Summer styles

    If I had 50 I'd probably buy some
  30. theclemo

    Mtec 330 or g4

    I personally wouldn't do that why move from a g4 that has been around for over 30 years and proven for longevity. Saying that if u can't afford the extra few pound for the g4 well then maybe look at a cheaper option but if u are doing render for a living and don't have the few extra k u are...
  31. theclemo

    Mtec 330 or g4

    Just out of interest what parts last longer?and are the parts cheaper than pft parts. I find this interesting as using machines u really only have to change the r@s not really anything else
  32. theclemo

    Mtec 330 or g4

    Am in Ireland g4 ring ramboo tools u can go on Facebook or anywhere else ask what is the best machines and Proven over time g4 wins every time its that good all other company's copy it plus u have a company in Ireland to get parts as soon as possible and can call out to u if u need help
  33. theclemo

    Work hard Play Hard

    Just send me my 50 b4 u do
  34. theclemo

    Cement strength

    What are u looking to do with the cement. In Ireland its a 7 Newton blocks used 95% of the time. Irish cement is very very well made. Far better than 99% of the other s**t I've used.
  35. theclemo

    Tyrolean Plasterers

    Yep a big step up form plastering
  36. theclemo

    Tyrolean Plasterers

    Ill be selling u stuff soon lol.
  37. theclemo

    Tyrolean Plasterers

    Am fully out of the plastering game now nick. Thanks f**k lol.
  38. theclemo

    Render season starting

    It looks like 50s to me
  39. theclemo

    Render season starting

    Still hasn't john.
  40. theclemo


    U can keep it lol don't think ill be using it again. All good my end nick
  41. theclemo


    Need the mix right. U can have a lone of my one no problem its works good when u get used to using them. It takes a bit of getting used to like most things.
  42. theclemo

    Let see your Pics

    I've run out. The government keeps buying them off me so they can keep the covid deaths up.
  43. theclemo

    PFT G4X smart for sale

    U need a diesel
  44. theclemo

    K Rend Query

    Easy to come on here and Criticize work. God knows what s**t he had to work over. And for looking rough it doesn't. Looks how it should. Apart for a small bit of bead that could have broken while scratching back. Can cut the mesh bits off with a knife.
  45. theclemo


    Ramboo tools do the best stilts. They are worth the extra money.
  46. theclemo

    K Rend Query

    Its fine
  47. theclemo

    Machine upgrade

    G4 keep the ritmo to. Diesel hoses are a c**t to pull around and put in and out of the van.