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  1. themucky1

    Garden Stairs Wall Rendering Advice

    That ain’t a bad shout actually
  2. themucky1

    Army leaver

    Ffs that bloke was a right shithead
  3. themucky1

    Thin coat job

    Just looked again and the boarding is dog sh1t with gaps everywhere I wouldn’t touch that with a manky cock
  4. themucky1

    Thin coat job

    Don’t touch it, walk away. They’re phenolic boards that will fail they also look like they’ve been left exposed to wet weather. When they do fail and the render fails with it who’s gonna get the blame cus I guarantee you the customer won’t blame his boards or boarding
  5. themucky1

    Hi all!

  6. themucky1

    Bay window

    I’d be more concerned he’s put monocouche straight Onto ply
  7. themucky1

    Whats on this wall

    Probably tarmac
  8. themucky1

    Renderer from Australia

    The answer is yes
  9. themucky1


    Hi smoother/badvock
  10. themucky1

    Cement board

    What manufactures board is it?
  11. themucky1

    Womens football.

  12. themucky1

    Thin coat silicone.

    Johnstones is shite
  13. themucky1

    Anyone seen this before? Weird.

    Looks like rendermites
  14. themucky1

    Under coat for thin coat

    Yes I have a few times, it shouldn’t do really as it’s heavily like based
  15. themucky1


    I wouldn’t
  16. themucky1


    Dya think that’s why a lot of people on here ignore you?
  17. themucky1

    Spanish Plasters

    @ChrispyUK is the man to ask
  18. themucky1

    Machine for sale

    Sh1t the bed!!!! That’s cheap
  19. themucky1

    What to put over type 2 outside

    You could try skimming it
  20. themucky1

    Limelite plasters - The forgotten solution - for all damp & insulating needs

    I used that stuff around 22 years ago when I was a Labrador, tight fcukers wouldn’t even buy a whisk so had to knock bath after bath up with a shovel, my hands burnt like fcuk.
  21. themucky1

    Flattening with speedskim

    He won’t be invoicing you for a lot then :LOL:
  22. themucky1

    Plastering Solid Brick Wall

    Get a competent plasterer in to do the whole job, it will save you a fortune in sleepless nights alone.
  23. themucky1

    Thistle pro finish.

    Fcukin evening?????
  24. themucky1


    Pringle tubes with some sponge in are better ;)
  25. themucky1

    Rendering to ground..... do or do not?

    Any insulation below dpc needs to be xps not eps, tanking slurry behind the xps from the ground to minimum 200mm above eps base track, double meshed with waterproof render and ideally finished with a mosaic render finish similar to texture
  26. themucky1

    Sponge float help

    What a pair of useless cuntts, what’s wrong with starting and finishing the set with the same trowel????
  27. themucky1

    Black Mould

    It seems that way
  28. themucky1

    Mtec 200 mixing baumit

    Interesting, I sprayed some kzp a coullle of weeks ago and had to have the water on the lowest possible setting, it came out the test pipe at a consistency we could use put the pipes on started spraying and it was piss had to get three pallets returned and they sent out star contact, no problem...
  29. themucky1

    Monocouche dried

    We appreciate your honesty mate.
  30. themucky1

    Plastering work - not impressed what shall I ask for to sort

    It was the third highest out of three
  31. themucky1

    Ventec board

    If they’ve sent out wrong items then the cost should be on them to return and replace the wrong items. Fcuk dubbing out with classic to 10mm it would bankrupt the job lol
  32. themucky1

    Ventec board

    Why do you need to dub out a carrier board?
  33. themucky1

    M200 question

    The scruffy cuunt could have put some correx sheets or eaves trays down to catch all that sh1t on the floor
  34. themucky1

    M200 question

  35. themucky1

    Insulation, battens etc

    Hi Will you be doing this work yourself?
  36. themucky1

    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    I remember him and sleeping in his lol, did he just Jack it in? I think I remember him giving other people advice too lol
  37. themucky1

    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    Whatever happened to that dipstick who started this thread?
  38. themucky1

    Hilti Guns for sale

    Do you think it would cut eps cleanly as in no polystyrene flying about?
  39. themucky1

    Hilti Guns for sale

    You reckon that would work for eps?