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  1. raggles

    New products

    I'm struggling to get my head around these new products chaps !!!!
  2. raggles

    First time in months

    So seeing as I spend most of my time cutting grass in the summer months now, maybe this monster lid wasn't such a good idea :rolleyes:
  3. raggles

    1 2 3 4 5 and 6

    Oh dear, oh dear NUFC
  4. raggles

    Falling Damp ???

  5. raggles

    Need advise on mould process

    Do you think her process is good practice :RpS_unsure:
  6. raggles

    Block and Beam floors

    Have been asked today by a customer for best way to first fix timbers for ceilings to the underside of block and beam floors ? I am thinking Hilti cartridge gun fixings. Has anyone got experience of this type of work? I have never been asked or seen done before so any feedback would be good. I...
  7. raggles

    Wallcrete castles are so last year!

    Do you think this might be what they want the spreads for in egypt ?????:RpS_biggrin: Ã￾Å“Ã￾°ÑÂ￾Ñ‚Ã￾µÑ€-Ã￾ºÃ￾»Ã￾°ÑÂ￾ÑÂ￾ "Ã￾•Ã￾³Ã￾¸Ã￾¿Ã￾µÑ‚ÑÂ￾Ã￾ºÃ￾°ÑÂ￾ Ã￾¿Ã￾¸Ñ€Ã￾°Ã￾¼Ã￾¸Ã￾´Ã￾°". Ã￾›Ã￾µÃ￾¿Ã￾ºÃ￾° Ã￾¸Ã￾· Ã￾³Ã￾¸Ã￾¿ÑÂ￾Ã￾°. - YouTube
  8. raggles

    Check out the wrist breakers approx 5 mins into this

    JUST THE JOB Just The Job Season 2 - Solid Plastering - YouTube
  9. raggles

    Spongers how do you do it?

    I have never used a sponge apart from to clean skirtings and walls after patching chases. So how do u do it ? I was on a job the other day and another spread was there a lad in his early twenties and he uses a sponge float and gets a descent finish (not as good as mine of course lmao) so would...
  10. raggles


    Evening all new to the forum so, Helllo everyone. For my sins been a plasterer for 33 yrs now can cover all aspects of the but bulk of work nowadays is boarding and skimming and re-skims. Oh the name by the way was cos my proper names were already taken and i only found out what raggles where...