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  1. satan

    Drying Out - How Long?

    Boards all skimmed finished Thursday night. Heat has been on since Wednesday because of cold weather. Dehumidifiers on all time. Just slight damp patches now in corners of rooms. I would say 99% dried out. (To look at). But when going in room there is that humid feel/smell so obviously...
  2. satan

    Removing skim from osb board

    After floor scraping there is still the grey stain in the osb board. Skim coat residue. How do you get it off?...............Wash it with a scrubbing brush and quickly dry?..................Floor sanding machine? I tried wire brushing it but it still remains.
  3. satan

    Floor weight limits

    9" x 2" or 225mm x 44mm joists at 400mm centers over a 12' span. Does anybody know the weight limits or where I can find out this info? Just need to know approx how much weight this floor is allowed to take. The room is 10' long and 12' wide with the joist running the 12' direction.
  4. satan

    Yous Lot

    It's Saturday night. Why are you on the forum? (nearly 200 of you). Why aren't you out?
  5. satan

    Skim Over Joint Filler

    Does Knauf Joint Filler and tape need unibond applied to it before the job/boards are skimmed over?
  6. satan

    Help please

    Can someone a moderator please help me as my posts have disappeared and no one has told me what I have done wrong.
  7. satan

    Hello again

    I just came back and my posts have disappeared. Have I done something wrong?
  8. satan

    Olde Worlde plastering or Textured Finish

    Hi I have a shed which I have boarded out and was going to finish the boards in an olde worlde or textured finish. I would never attempt to get it flat by skimming as this I regard as a highly skilled job. I was looking on youtube at how to do the textured finish and the Americans are really...
  9. satan


    Hi everybody I have a little project which I would like to attempt myself so need your help thanks.