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    Sprayed thistle dri coat with Ritmo

    Did it today. Got a video to look at on Facebook/pftwales
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    Spraying thistle dri coat

    anybody ever used this through a machine
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    Cool Video of the Ritmo

    Done a few over the last couple days. Been using the Ritmo L for a roughcast job. Sprayed on a 10mm pass let it pick up then sprayed the roughcast. Using Parex BL10 went through a dream. Used 25 mts of material hose without a blip Plugged in the mains power, plugged in the mains water, just...
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    Skimming over artex blog

    Just did this to share on my website. everyone loves a bit of skimming
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    Some pebble dashing Video

    Have a look
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    K Rend GPM tips

    Been using lots of this so thought i'd share some tips. Hope you find it useful and interesting.
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    Another Ritmo for Ireland

    Little birdy tells my @theclemo picked up his brand new PFT Ritmo yesterday. The futures bright for Keith
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    Flinnyman vs the skimming machine

    Right so its game on Flinny has laid the gauntlet so whats the rules. How is the winner decided Is it 1 plasterer vs 1 guy spraying Are we Starting a book on it
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    MERC Sprinter tipper with Hiab crane

    Ready for work, 130k long mot, clean tidy truck. ideal for builder plasterer. I used it to collect ton bags of rubbish on job completion and dropping off collecting pallets to jobs. Semi auto 54 plate £ 5995.00
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    Vw T5 For sale

    2010 VW Transporter T 30 180 BHP LWB 4 Motion DSG Kombi 47000 miles 1 Owner | eBay
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    ritmo mixing and spraying mineral render

    PFT RITMO L - die Kraftvolle ermöglicht Schlauchl…: PFT RITMO L - die Kraftvolle ermöglicht Schlauchlängen bis zu 20 Meter. - YouTube Hadn't noticed this before. The first thing being mixed and sprayed is a mineral render
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    IPAD2 32 for sale

    Its had a new screen still got the plastic on. It works fine its white. Whats it worth
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    RITMO parex ehi We sprayed the parex maite and meshed it. Then we sprayed the Ehi
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    PFT Set The Safety Standard

    PFT Plastering Machines now display The ET Euro Test certificate on their machines. This is the highest possible safety standard that can be issued for machinery and is setting the standard for the rest of Europe. When considering buying a plastering machine take into account PFT are the only...
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    Best Value for money Rotor and stator

    Had a customer call me today to inform me he has had 2000 m2 around 50 ton parex monorex and parmurex from his PFT D 6-3 clampable stator. He now uses an old 1980's G4 that i recently refurbished for him. After using several other machines over the last 1o years he prefers the simplicity and...
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    Spraying K rend HP 12

    Sprayed this today succesfully with a Ritmo. It must be sprayed quite wet but it does stiffen up very rapid.
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    Anyone know of a hiab type crane for sale. Looking for one to fit a mercedes sprinter tipper
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    weber sil p white wanted

    anyone got any
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    Mouldings for EWI

    Looking for some recommendations for supplier of stick on type quoin stones etc like the type they use with ewi.
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    Material cost for float/set

    I have just done a comparison on this for anyone interested in using machines in you daily work. I have done 2 identical new build houses, worked out material cost and labour time. i'm not breaking records but average things out over a week Based on 1 plasterer and 1 labourer all nett of vat...
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    Putzmeister Knee pads

    Anyone know if they stock those yellow knee pads that look like a concertina effect. cant be arsed ringing them I wanna know now
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    OCR floating video

    We did a little video of using the Filzamat float on OCR. We had accelerator in the mix and it does help with the setting time. It was sprayed and ruled in about an hour, straight on it with a Spatula and 1 mt feather stucco edge to screed high spots and fill low spots etc and straight away...
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    Parex paraguard wanted

    I need 25 lts immediately. encon sold mine and now have ordered more which probably wont be here till after xmas.
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    Parex t60

    anyone got any in monorex or EHI
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    SP 11 for sale

    one of the boys has put his Putzmeister on ebay. its a good well maintained machine. someones gonna get a good deal
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    PFT Announcement

    Anyone noticed PFT advertising banner here at the forum. PFT have taken customer feedback and now offer us a new package We have a new version of the ever popular Ritmo. The Ritmo EWI 110v. Tried,tested and approved by the PFT dealers in the UK who are all time served very experienced...
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    im G**

    And I loves sheeps mush
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    Ritmo Doing roughcast video.

    sprayed a quick pass or buttercoat of pral m over a sand cement lime sbr base layed on by hand. then straight back up to texture it. 2 good passes dont be afraid to keep going over it on your first pass to get it almost there. What you see there in the video i am just starting to go over it...
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    Any experienced thin coat screeder available for advice.

    Hoping to touch base with someone. We are looking at a floor to renew in an industrial workshop. Spec is shotblast, prime, 5mm 4655 industrial flooring, primer sealer,sealer 2 coats. There are long cracks in the floor which i assume are old. i wanna know what spec is likely to be given. Fibre...
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    The Ritmo Pumping a site mix video

    I mixed some b&Q plastering sand with some cement and feb. It mixed up quite easy. I put the mix into the ritmo to see if it pumps through. If it pumps through that means the gear is pumpable. It flew through. 1 bag of sand is 33 quid cement is 3 quid odd feb is about 7 quid. that will do...
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    cheap screed pump

    TURBOSOL FLOOR SCREED PUMP SPARES OR REPAIR FITTED WITH LOMBARDINI FOCS ENGINE | eBay 1 hour left. thats a bargain at 1600 quid. get that back in a few jobs
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    New EZ machine

    Looks a bit like a ritmo
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    Spraying CPI internal

    So heres a quick video of the Ritmo L being used to apply the internal render coat to block. The block is a thermalite type block with medium suction. We sprayed a quick pass to kill the initial suction the a pass to rule off. quick 2nd rule and then float it. The team was 1 apprentice spraying...
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    screen dark on s3

    Why does my screen go dark on TPF PAGE on my s3
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    New Spray Gun from PFT

    PFT have added a new gun to the range of particular interest to anyone using adhesive coats or texturing. The Gun and air can now all be controlled by the one lever. Here is a video...
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    Putzmeister SP11 For Sale

    3 Year old well looked after P11 for sale, bought direct from Putzmeister.All Paperwork and history. No vat Ring Phil on 07880 761923. This machine is a private sale and not from PFT Wales
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    G5 with15 kva genset generator for sale

    We have a G5 2006 been serviced by ourselves with 15 mts material and air hose, water pipe, power cable etc etc. 15 kva genset generator recently serviced. Everything you need to turn up and start spraying. Full PFT official training with card issued on completion all included. £4,500.00...
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    when you have notifications and its only to tell u someone likes something is there a quicker way
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    RITMO 110v

    Anyone wanting to try the ritmo or have a job for it can now rent one of us. give us a ring if your interested.
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    More Dash footage

    just shows them spraying the receiver and also the accuracy around pipes and obstacles.
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    PFT Ritmo & the LL dash gun

    heres the full video if anyones not maxxed out.
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    This guns for hire

    Spraying pebble dash with the LL SPAR DASH GUN
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    110v Compressor for Ritmo

    We got a 110v compressor for sale. It looks the same as our LK model and made by same company. we have tested it for top coats with the Ritmo :RpS_thumbup:. Its new only done some testing £ 580 plus vat.