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  1. elvis90

    Grey bonding

    Had the pink gear for a while but started a 30m2 cieling today and had a few areas to bond out and got hit with the grey s**t. I hate it. Hangs forever and gritty as f**k. Can't even flatten after laying on as it rips like a f**k*r. Is it a regional thing? I'm in the West of Scotland and we...
  2. elvis90

    Plastering for beginners YouTube

    What do you fellas think of this guy, if that is u have ever watched him? Apparently retired through YT but does the odd job in the benefit of his channel. Seems a nice lad but is his channel fruitful or just DIY stuff?
  3. elvis90

    Looking for labouring/trainee/apprenticeship role in Ayrshire or Glasgow

    Long shot, I know but if you don't ask you don't get.(or so they say) Anyway the situation goes, I wanted to get in plastering 3 years ago. I applied for an entry course at the local college but it was full, I was asked if I would like to try a painting and decorating course instead. Was that...
  4. elvis90

    Looking for a start in Ayrshire/Glasgow

    Looking for an apprenticeship anywhere in North or East Ayrshire or Glasgow. Already done some basic plastering and fell in love with it. Hard working and determined, also a bit of a perfectionist which I assume is a favourable attribute in the trade haha. Cheers for any help.
  5. elvis90

    Hello everyone

    Registered a small while ago but just round to posting. 21 year old from Ayrshire in Scotland. Been looking at getting into the trade and came across this forum. Started a painting and decorating course at college last year but after doing some basic plastering [skimming, taping, roughcasting]...
  6. elvis90

    Gaps under window

    Alright lads. The guy that was in the house before us was a bit of a cowboy and, among other things, has managed to ruin some wall under the window. I've done some very basic plastering at college in a painting and decorating course and plan on filling it up. What is the best stuff to use...