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    Eco rend scraped

    I’ve used quite a lot of this over the last couple of years and have been really impressed with it overall but just started a job and noticed when scraping the aggregate seems bigger and doesn’t look so good as it a lot harsher finish? anyone else having same experience with it ? or is it just...
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    Concrete panels

    Morning, I’ve got about 100 m2 of Plain face render to do onto pre cast concrete panels around garden walls. I’m gonna use an ocr for top coat but wondered If there was a spec for this? was gonna use render grip to start but do I need base coat and mesh also? thanks
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    Ritmo Roughcasting

    Hi I was spraying pral m chalk as roughcast on Friday and noticed back pressure was jumping up and down . I put brand new rotor and stator (normal b42 l ) on from the start and was spraying speed 5 water on 90 which seemed fine but as the day went on seemed to be spluttering quite a bit. I...
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    Hi I’ve got some Weber ocr plain face to do Monday and Tuesday onto base coat which is gonna be slow, I’m worried about getting a finish on it before we lose daylight. Has anyone tried accelerator in ocr ? Or have any ideas? Thanks
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    Rotor and stator wear

    Hi all I’ve been using soft rotor and stators on my Ritmo L since they came out but I’m finding they don’t last like they used to or is it me? Machine is well maintained been spraying monorex and Weber pral m But seems to only get about 300 bags out of them? We are not spraying stiff , got new...
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    Render on eps

    Hi I know I posted this on here a couple of months ago but this job is dragging on and wondered if anyone would have any idea what this product is? It’s a scratch finish onto base coat on eps boards. The colour looks like silver pearl to me? But the material has a very large aggregate and looks...
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    Render on eps

    I have been asked to render the front of blocked up garage opening to match existing but don’t know what this render is.? It looks like Weber therm but it’s a very coarse finish with I bar used as finish changes direction in places but as said the grain looks very big. Properties were built...
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    Sprayed waterproof render

    We have a job on old brickwork which is going to be tanked and then needs a coat of render before skimming. Does anyone know of a bagged product which would do this? or could I just add waterproofed to the water butt and spray GP mortar? Thanks
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    K rend lw1

    Hi We have used a fair bit of these scratch renders onto eps this year. we did 100m2 using lw1 white back in March and customer called us back this week saying cracks have appeared. The cracks are off every joint from head bead and below every window . We did the job to the spec meshed right...
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    Weber m1

    Morning, We are currently doing a job 200m2 on eps using Weber m1 but we also have a wall on cement board 6m x 2m high to do. I know Your not supposed to use mono on board and thin coat would be the spec but that does look a different finish. I was wondering as the m1 can go on at 10mm would I...
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    K rend Lw1

    We got a job spraying k rend lw1 on to eps next week anyone sprayed it.? Any tips on spraying through Ritmo would be appreciated. Thanks
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    We are looking for a labourer in the Bristol area to assist with machine and traditional plastering and rendering contracts. Good rate for the right applicant. Contact me on 07768067444.
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    eps on timber frame

    Hi, we have a site of two timber framed houses which have a specification of 150mm eps and thin coat finish . Externally the frame has a sheathing board and roofing membrane at the moment, Can we fix eps directly to the above substrate or does there need to be a cavity created between the two...
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    any ideas on this please

    Hi, I had a look at a job this morning where the client has asked for a internal render finish to barn refurb. The room is going to be used as a production area hence why they want render not plaster due to damp environment. I will post pictures but as you can see they have many varying...
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    Boundary walls

    I have got a few hundred metres of weber pral m to do on boundary walls to a site we have just finished. Question is, the walls are hollow concrete blocks which are pinned and then concrete poured inside once laid which means the joints are dry. Has anyone rendered on these before? do I need...
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    Anyone leaving k-rend overnight yet? or still getting same day scrape? Thanks.
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    K Rend

    Hi Just about to render house using K 1 spray white and wondered whether it's still over night scrape or same day? Used to use it all the time but have been on weber for last couple of years. Most of it is on hp 12 base coat as well. Thanks
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    Hi, I am after some advise from the guys who use Ritmos please. I have a G4 3 phase and have been doing site and domestic work for some time but my work now is mainly small developments, The sites always seem to be tight and hard to get the machine about so was wondering if anyone has changed...
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    M-Tech smart

    Hi, Anyone know much about these machines? Will it spray finish plaster and base coats? Thanks
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    k-rend GP Mortar

    Got some garden walls to render using k-rend GP mortar has anyone used it ? what are the setting times and whats it like to rub up?
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    Labourer required in bristol area, Long run of work for right applicant. Phone 07768067444
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    E-Grade Through G4

    Hi, I have been trying to get K-rend e-grade to go through G4 with pft Twister on it for the last couple days with no success?? Yesterday primed machine, ran material through machine , connected hoses ran material through hoses at ground level it was spraying at 350 which i thought was quite...
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    Rotor & stators using k1

    Anyone got any idea exactly how long rotor and stators will last using pft d6-3 through monojet? been using k1 for about six months now and not sure when to change ? some say 5 pallets at 40 bags per pallet and others 8 or 9 pallets. Dont wanna be wasting them but dont want the hassle of...
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    machine work

    I have just completed my first month of machine plastering and i gotta be honest it probably been the most stressed i`ve ever been in my life!! but this week has been fantastic as we been flying!! we`ve been spraying k rends new k 1 and it finishes lovely. Big thanks to stuart at pft top service.
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    Hi, I`m new to this forum and am thinking about getting a second hand machine to spray krend. are three phase 415 volt allowed to be used on site? and could i run it off a generator? if so what size gene would i need? can anyone help? cheers.