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    .Dream team.

    Crown staples are best on plasterboard. Brad nails on over skim. Cordless brad gun to fire them in straight through the bead.
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    top window reveal methods?

    Mesh straight on timber, use or make a window gauge. You are making work for yourself.
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    Poor finish on render - advice please

    Render is not great, but the light is pure stupidity!
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    Weber pral m

    Just fill it in, then just cut it back to give a nice edge to work to. I pack out 10mm to give a bit of tolerance, I might scrape it back to 5mm if the reveal needs it to get the margin right.
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    Weber pral m

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    Weber pral m

    You take the ply off and work to the reveal when it's hard a day or 2 later. Rendaid on before the ply.
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    Weber pral m

    No, piece of ply with a round hole in it fixed to the front.
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    Weber pral m

    Get a piece of ply and cut a circle out to the required size with a router. Do the reveal first and the front when reveals are hard. I pack the ply 10 to 12mm off the wall.
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    Half time ingredients

    I use it a lot. Buy it on ebay 2kg at a time.
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    Sponge float help

    Sponge in one hand trowel in the other. Wax on wax off Daniel son! If you are seeing sponge marks you have left it too long.
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    Excuse the cheesiness lol

    Spunky have you used it on external sand and cement? If not, do you think it would work ok.
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    Skimming over SBR

    Give it a coat of pva over the top. Only go over sbr when tacky.
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    New built uneven ceiling?

    That's been painted before sanding. It is rough jointing though.
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    Artex sucking way too quick

    It was a whole bucket, 12 metres lol!
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    New trowel day

    You can get tennis elbow with any size trowel. I had it bad years ago, I had to wear the splints with the steel bar between velcro straps for 6 months. They stop you over turning you wrists. Plaster like a windmill and tennis elbow follows. I put on now with ox 18in, had tennis elbow with a 14in.
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    Is blebs a northern thing like handboard instead of a hawk. Everyone I've worked with calls them blisters.
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    Drive the screws in flat. Skim over them. Find them with strong magnet then let them out again. Only takes a minute.
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    No architrave question

    Use 75mm door linings set in the middle of the block work. Angle bead around either side of the opening.
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    Which trowels

    I float with a 14in, but when you get used to skimming with an 18in it makes life so much easier.
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    Which trowels

    18in ox stainless, Great for putting on. £30 on amazon.
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    Bestest product in the uk

    Wear gloves. I used to hate them until we were made to wear them. Love them now, the thin black ones £12 for 24 pairs on ebay.
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    She sings on grafton Street in Dublin.
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    Football score

    Levy and Conti could both start a fight in a phone box. Lol!
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    Basecoat Render

    If you asked Brad Pitt to shine a torch up his face, he would look like Herman Munster. No different with Render. Those soffit lights are a stupid idea.
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    Dont be fooled

    I used the white version that make, not fit for purpose. They should not be allowed to sell it. A builder I worked for had 24 rolls of the shite.
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    Hands up.....

    Have a Karlovačko for me.
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    ragni trowel edge protectors

    Got mine on
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    ragni trowel edge protectors

    As Andy said they must be so cheap to produce. Should come as standard when you buy a trowel.
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    ragni trowel edge protectors

    £1 each is not bad. The postage is the killer.
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    ragni trowel edge protectors

    Well worth the money, very impressed.
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    3.40 Goodwood Saturday

    Me and my mates normally go on the Wednesday. We have had a couple of runners at glorious Goodwood over the years.
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    Mixed suction backgrounds

    What's u tube? Someone said it on here years ago. Works really well.
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    Mixed suction backgrounds

    A coat of sbr then pva over the top.
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    England v italy

    I said to all my mates Southgate was the the weakest link. He would not get a job in the prem. How Harry Kane was not subbed is beyond me. We had the best squad but he never looked like using it. Total clown
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    Can my account be deleted please @Danny?

    Scotland have done well in the last 18 months Stuart. They must have surprised you and many others. Nice to have them back in a big tournament, they have been missed.
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    A bit of advice...?

    Sack your painter, oh no you can't. You did it yourself lol!
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    Sooky sooky sooky

    A coat of sbr then pva over the top. Works spot on.
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    What fixings

    It's only the end that expands in the masonry.
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    What fixings

    Rawl bolts, you can get all different lengths.
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    Did he use 9.5mm plasterboard?
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    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    Algeeman which ox do you use for coating mate?
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    Biggest team in London!

    Game on now, it's been a cracker .
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    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    Ox 18in for putting on and first trowel, finish with a mediflex. Ox have the best handles by a mile.
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    had the jab

    His stand up shows are really funny .
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    had the jab

    Put a sock in it luv and make us a cup of tea.
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    Ceiling flatness after skimming

    I think people forget you are starting with a bucket of water which is level at the top when it is on the floor. After that everything I'd done free hand with a trowel.
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    Lol! I'm 62 years old mate. Done hundreds of houses all devil floated, eg in the days before drylining. When it was mentioned on this forum about using orange float I tried it and prefer that method. To date no skim has ever fallen off or delaminated. I must have been really lucky. Do you still...