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  1. plastererpeter

    Deals down home base

    Cheap as chips
  2. plastererpeter

    Re multi finish

    British gypsum can u explain what u done to the finish
  3. plastererpeter


    going to get a set cos fed up with carrying bandstands and boards in van Which ones are the best boys
  4. plastererpeter

    Watch out boys

    transits been broken into my pal had transit done other night drilled locks out they def wanted it drill ignition barrel out as well 8 in the evening he nearly caught them this happened in dart ford
  5. plastererpeter

    Nela super flex

    took the plung cheers Andy super spread
  6. plastererpeter

    Nela trowel

    been using mt trowel but after speaking to super spread took the plung and now on the Nela love them. Cheers Andy
  7. plastererpeter

    What u think of this

    Old chap rang me this afternoon on a Sunday mind u said u done a job 18 years ago and it's blowing in place what would u do so me going back on Wednesday evening
  8. plastererpeter

    Uni finish

    Anybody tried it went into Travis and they gave me some to try
  9. plastererpeter

    6 in flat brushes

    for sale 6 in flat brushs copper core not cheap old rubbish £ 6.50 inpp
  10. plastererpeter

    setting over old work

    what u boys use 4 sealing the walls ceilings unibond or thistle bond it
  11. plastererpeter

    todays weather

    set 2 ceilings today each was 20m2 i was creamed crackered am i getting old or what and and i 3 coat them aswell trowel float trowel :RpS_biggrin:
  12. plastererpeter

    6in wetting in brush

    anbody stiill use these seen a lot of young spreads using spray bottles
  13. plastererpeter

    new to forum

    just found this tonight so ello to all spreads been in trade 4 28 years now served me time with a firm called BSG plastering limited cheers peter
  14. plastererpeter

    lime putty plaster

    who remembers doing this at collage