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    Whens hot to hot

    Im lying mate been sweating my fat moobs off all week in trowel to.. John like winding jonnywonny up
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    Whens hot to hot

    Depends how much is left on catalogue to pay...has it been warm im in portugal by pool
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    14 apartment project

    Maybe say where or which country pal
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    Archway prepped for plaster, but I didn’t use corner bead.

    It actualy worked a treat mate thanks was only really only little win all week!
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    Archway prepped for plaster, but I didn’t use corner bead.

    Mate ive literally worked last 4 days for free and still need few days there next week just for good measure been along time since a dropped a changer like this...hey ho least its macd friday tomorrow
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    Archway prepped for plaster, but I didn’t use corner bead.

    Ive priced this job that badly a flexi bead from travis perkins will just about finish me off
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    Archway prepped for plaster, but I didn’t use corner bead.

    Im only asking as its uncanny as ive just boarded a pretty shallow wall today and would save me a trip out my way to a merchants in morning wity a stop bead.
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    Archway prepped for plaster, but I didn’t use corner bead.

    As in a metal stop bead does that work?
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    Off chance

    Probably not hes just the biggest prick in narnia
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    Way to cheap
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    Lakes no différence will have blown in 12 lonths tell her yo tile and walk oal
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    Trains .

    And scottish
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    Thistle pro finish.

    Dry on silk
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    Thistle pro finish.

    Great on couple of bimoards didnt like pva i found
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    Rendering to ground..... do or do not?

    No 1 rule in rendering dont render below dpc
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    Thistle pro finish.

    Did same to me tbf...its not the time as such more that it flashes in about 5mins from normal to set with no warning
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    Reboard Options

    That is his skimming
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    Anyone else think we r all f*cked..?

    Disagree horondeous word and never a need for it...when you have family and particulary kids that are handicapped you find it very offensive!
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    My friends at

    Caught me out this morning on pva @John j yer tossa
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    My friends at

    Been eating fortune cookies again
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    My friends at

    Yer proper mek me piss de da daft cynt
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    Plastering work - not impressed what shall I ask for to sort

    Tbf hes only saying what were all thinking...anyway @John j wifes denim shorts photos its been a while
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    Mental health and depression

    & yer naf naf jumper for byo
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    Bounce even more when married to fat cow thats going rhrough menapause
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    A day of domestics

    Cant argue with that
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    A day of domestics

    Is that really how you left that ceiling and not a windup?
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    A day of domestics

    Wow...thats it just wow
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    Rather boil my own head
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    Dont know what wed do with out yer
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    Kite winder

    Id just fall out with him on purpose
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    Always said would be a fantastic boss to a young lad
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    Poor Workmanship.

    Rather boil my own head
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    Poor Workmanship.

    If youve got to ask how to reskim such a basic job then your no better than previous chancer...
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    I actualy admire how honest @Casper is at how rough he is and how s**t his jobs are...ill give him credit for that he really is a bottom feeder and proud of it..
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    Wow not even swept wallpaper up before starting...
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    Wow to have been plastering for 30yrs but not have enough work to back heal that...that van finance really must be biting hard
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    Help with dark spots on newly plastered wall

    Kitchens notorious for fat from ovens chip pan etc seeping back through need to use 2 coats of dulux stain block on the areas. f**k all to do with the plasterer.
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    Urgent advice needed

    So youve gobbed off giving it billy big bollox but dont even know what your doing yourself...unbelievable cheek go and earn yer stripes pal...maybe youtube with other chancers!
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    Now that is a F*****g horrible club with horrible fans i deteste least leeds fans kniw what they are
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    Rate increases.

    Only bit of happiness i have is butty from shop hate rest of day im f**k*d if im eating wather thin ham frome fat cow at home
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    Calculating S&C for laying blockwork.

    How much S&C to knock up for blocking up a doorway in blockwork both sides with a cavity. Also would you go with 50mm soft insulation or Kingspan. I hate Sundays!!! @Jonnywonny your a builder now what yer recon?
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    Labourer wanted

    Be your builders no1 spread in 12 month