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    Hairline Cracks in Dot and Dab

    Hi Everyone I was hoping for some advice. I live in a Victorian semi and recently had the hallway replastered. It was taken back to brick, dot and dabbed then plastered. The plaster has been left bare as we're waiting on some more work to be carried out before we decorate. Its about a month...
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    External Renderer North Merseyside/West Lancs

    Hi everbody, hoping someone may be able to help. I'm looking for an external renderer for the first floor and chimney of a 1920's house. I'm up in the very north end of Merseyside/West Lancashire. Does anyone operate in that area or can recommend someone that does? thanks.
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    K-rend price rise

    Hi all We were due to have the front of our house re-rendered with k-rend. Had the old loose sand and cement knocked back and the builder is claiming he's under priced it and is going to either walk away or ask for more money. Searching around, general guide prices range between £35 to £50...