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    Covering Artex ceiling with EasyFill

    No matter what advice is given this guy isn’t going to listen
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    Einhell cordless mixer

    Really? Thanks I very nearly chucked 150£ at one! Will just keep saving the pennies for one of the dewalt big boy mixers
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    Einhell cordless mixer

    Has anybody tried the einhell cordless mixer? Just wondering if they are any good and how many bags they will knock up at once.
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    Steico eco insulation board

    No idea bud.. I did ask and her reply last night was that it’s slightly thinner and more eco friendly. With me not being a eco warrior I’m still unsure. I might just sack it off
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    Steico eco insulation board

    Hi guys… first time I’ve posted here, usually just watch from a distance!… just been asked by a customer about boarding out a upstairs hallway with this eco board, has anyone ever used it? Is it the same as normal insulation board. Thanks
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    Plasterboard falls off

    How was fresh plasterboard ceiling uneven?
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    Carta easy skim

    Must be shite.. can’t find them for sale anywhere