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    Hi lads,any one know how fast top coat sets with accelerator added?
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    K 1 through a g5

    lads I've put tons of parex throuhg my G5,I've got a small extension to do and the existing house is Krend buttermilk.Does the k1 go through ok?Cheers
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    Krend g p mortar

    hi lads just wondered how long does it take to pick up ready for float and sponge on top of hp12,thanks
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    Mono on rendaid

    Has anyone put mono on rendaid and did it work?cheers
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    Acrylic drying time

    morning lads,I finished an a Dpr sand fine yesterday at 18.00 just wondering when this will not get damaged by the rain the forecast is a bit dodgy this morning,thanks
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    Product for cleaning machine?

    Product for cleaning machine?
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    Has anyone used mk3 quick mix?
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    How many m2 to a bag of mp75

    How many m2 to a bag of mp75
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    Best goggles for rubbing up?

    Best goggles for rubbing up mono?
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    Texturing with a lancy

    Has anybody got any tips on rough casting with a lancy?Cheers
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    Ritmo m

    Looking at using a ritmo m for rough cast.Any thoughts on it I'm going to be using parex mono?
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    Rend aid

    Does anybody know the fastest and most efficient way to apply rend aid to thermalite,tried rolling it total waist of time.Im thinking tight coat with hawk and trowel any suggestions?
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    Wet dash g5?

    Any tips for wet dash with a g5?
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    Does e grade go through a g5 okay

    Does e grade go through a g5 okay