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    This is just plain madness.

    Started a job for a builder I booked in 3 damp property’s in for him on daywork. it was a sand and cement spec which I thought nowadays it’s usually a membrane and dab or if it’s tight, Dricoat or maybe use 9mm boards. There was two plasterers there was around 35metres. To my surprise one of...
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    Old video of gypsum plastering

    Hi guys. Could yous help me out. Remember that old video someone posted a while back of a video of a 1940 or 50 American plastering video where the guy was cutting plaster boards with his lath hammer . Just want to send the link to my uncle cheers
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    Can you skim over ewi render base coat ?

    Am doing a little concrete ceiling in a guys garage. Had some bags left over, I do know it sticks like s**t to a blanket so thought it would be ideal.
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    Blood on my ceilings

    I do like my 14x4 Marshall town carbon which was recommended by a lot of great spreads on here but my fist are just too big:(. As I jab into the ceiling line pulling down to my walls my knuckles keep hitting the ceiling leaving bloody marks ha. Customer said that's a great job but what's all...
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    Can you use a type of external sreed for a outside concrete floor?

    Hi lads , not long bought a terrace house. I have a yard and the floor is concrete, looking s**t , my girl hates it . Just asking if there is any type of flooring finish to like screed over it and maybe rub upwith a float for a smooth finish . She's on my case. :(. Any advice would be much...
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    Can you get a type of external sreed ?

    Hi lads , not long bought a terrace house. I have a yard and floor is concrete, looking s**t , my girl hates it . Just asking if there is any type of flooring finish to like screed over it and maybe rub up with a float for a smooth finish . She's on my case. :(. Any advice would be much...
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    From dosmestic to site work

    Hi lads. I've been doing domestic work for the last 8yrs now for plastering firms doing voids and tenanted property's . And in between doing my own work. and have always shied away from new builds partly because the rates have always been shite . . I have been plastering for over 15yrs. A job...
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    Thermoline plasterboard

    Hi lads, am starting on my baby's bedroom while I've got a day or two off work. Just need some advice, there had previously been Mold due to no ventilation , I have taken the old lath ceiling down so I can insulate the ceiling and have hacked the external window wall down to brick, the brickwork...
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    Skimmed a artex ceiling with out unibond it

    Working on social housing kitchens. Thought I had unibonded the artex ceiling and just jumped straight on it, it wasn't so heavy and it didn't seem to suck in at all , and turned out nice, will i get away with it?.
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    Used the sponge float for the first time?

    Must say ive never used one before. ive heard on this forum that spunky uses the system so was compelled to have a go and was happy with the finish ,it took me and my mate to do a gauge in just under a hour , could'nt fault the finish . yes when the money's right i would use a 2 coat system but...
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    Refurbs ...

    ive worked on the refurbs for years now and in all that time i have, am realizing that the non working class people of this country are struggling more so than a year or 2 ago . which is obvious the way things are.. its so depressing setting up , and carrying your tools up flights of stairs to...
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    Working like a tw@t all day then being told to go back an reskim 2 walls ?

    Site agent a totall w@nker causing murder over a few little blimishes on 2 walls. which in my opinion just needed a little sanding down. no aims just sanding. prices are bad enough at this time what the fook do they expect? Trying to make a name for himself the tit. finished late today then had...
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    Getting the price wrong an thinking you tw@t

    Just pissed of with myself because am such a nob that i have under priced myself for a foreigner that ive been doing. got one more day left 2moro .it should of took me 5 days it will now be eight days. heavy artex turned ceilings and the height was high. and to make top it off the customer was...
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    finding turned ceilings to be not so bad now.

    ive been doing a bit of a love job :(. overskimmed 3 bedrooms bathroom and h s l ..with my cousin. weve been skimming the ceiling and turns bringing it down enough then stopping it so we can feather the rest of the walls in . the rooms look great like but i dont enjoy doing them you always seem...
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    rocky horror show

    worked on a job on friday for liverppol mutual housing trust. kitchen and bathroom ... layed the kitchen on with ceiling and bathroom ceiling an half a wall in bathroom with my partner. this women holding a can of strong lager comes into the kitchen an says how do you unblock a sink lad.. so i...
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    pva over grime nictotine ceiling

    on price work on refurbs so dont get the time to wipe down grime on ceiling and walls .. so i have been pulled a few times because the plaster has'nt bonded an when the painter has put his roller on the ceiling it has come off on his roller. the clark of works is a w**k*r and thinks that we...
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    Love jobs

    my cousins fella wants 2 bedrooms over skimming over artex with turn ceilings .. there first house they have bought . he has a good job but is persistently saying that he is skint ? i havent met anyone who has been as tight as this t**t and who cry's about everthing.. i put a price 200 a room...
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    Hi lads i know this is the general plastering section but ive got a plasterers van ? so please help me.. only the past week ive noticed black smoke coming from the exuast.. havent got a trusted mechanic yet .me mate is saying that you should use that diesel cleaning fluid but i have and it...
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    have just skimmed a ceiling over woodchip wall paper ha.

    Did explain that everthing would go wrong to the builder but he was so sure that he's seen it done before an it was all OK? fook me are times that bad?
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    why did'nt we listen in school

    I wish that i knew what i know now when i was younger? i always think of this when am 6ft in s**t .. rod steward song .
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    how far can you water down thistlebond

    iya lads had a builder who was adament that you could water down 1 tub of thistlebond to cover a 3 bedroom terrace house. because he was moaning how much it was a tub. i was thinking what a tight arse. 1 tub only covered 3 average rooms do you think thats reasonably it does say do not water...
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    on a 100 pound day rate?

    ok. working for a builder at the moment on that day rate i know am selling myself sort but its whats got to be done to pay the bills.. i look at it like this way.. its work for a start. better than fook all. as long as your not pulling your ballacks off an gettin raped.. its work at the end of...
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    plastic trowels vs steel trowels

    ive worked with steel trowels for over ten years and always thought stainless steel trowels left the best finish. until i seen this plasterer called carl from liverpool who had these prototype plastic trowels that he had made himself. ive seen the finish and it leaves. and its fantastic. i now...