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    Calculating S&C for laying blockwork.

    How much S&C to knock up for blocking up a doorway in blockwork both sides with a cavity. Also would you go with 50mm soft insulation or Kingspan. I hate Sundays!!! @Jonnywonny your a builder now what yer recon?
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    Extra Time Retarder!

    Does anybody use this regular only used it once on a pva skim job and when the plaster dried the surface was very weird like a marble/mottled effect which put me off using again as never seen owt like it. Only wanting to do 1 gauge days now so thinking this may be of use. Any good prices for...
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    All the cool kids!

    Lay skim down with a plaziflex in winter... G.A Y piss & wind... Shurrup @John j
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    Youtube wankers!!!

    Whats with all these ego c**ts wanting to tell everyone how brilliant they are...for what reason do they do it?...surley everyone on sites and builders merchants call them c**ts and there aware... In no particular order... Rwf whatever nobhead (Territorial Army Nobhead) Lancashire hobit...
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    Makita radio!!!

    Its turning on showing display but no sound any suggestions please. Think @Olican had similer?
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    Its official!!!!

    Im proper G**....just used a speedskim,medi-flex,plastic and some sachets of extra time on a big lid.... Phhhhh....piece of piss this plastering malarky! Still F*****g sweating my moobs off mind!
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    Working poor!

    Whos in today?....make me feel better god i hate plastering
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    Trowels getting to sharp!

    Anyone else find that a skimming trowel can get to sharp for troweling up and can start sending your work backwards? I find once broke there only any good for bout 3-6 months before getting to sharp. Am i going crazy or anyone else think same?
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    Working poor!

    Anyone else graftin tomorrow
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    Medi flex v s*p*r*lex

    Proper G** thread! So what you use and why been using refiba s*p*r*lex 2 for last 12 months i think its probably more likexa carbon trowel if owt and still seem to need loads of water as in brush surface in front of trowel to trowel up. Do you still need to do the same qith proper flexi...
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    Am i missing summet???

    Going back to the thread where @algeeman says he coats & flattens skim start to finish with just a flexi trowel how come in the main its throwned on as in the flex wont produce flat walls but yet a speedskim is floppy plastic or spat of your choice apparently gets walls super dooper flat whats...
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    dewalt work light!

    Anyone got the little beacon battery work light? Any good does it light up a full room off floor? @John j please dont comment about Lidle/Aldi/Car boot lights!
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    Screwfix gloves for skimming etc!

    Yes im a raving homo but hands are cracked to f**k...just sat in carpark for click and collect can anyone recomend any for skimming & boarding etc? Thanks Zombie
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    Pamic buying materials yet?

    wickes stock levels look low again around our area. Is it starting again?
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    Mega mixer!.....

    Do we stilk think its the best all round workhirse available for heavy trade or anything out there that can beat it for power and reliability? Or do you think there like marshal town now as in living on past name and market has caught up?
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    Fattest make of work clothes!

    Work clothes for a fat lad and where you buying from online thanks
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    More free cash!

    @John j get your kitchen ordered
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    Coving depth!

    Anyone sad enough to know the drop from ceiling for standard 4 & 5" coving. Thanks
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    Apps for quotes & invoices

    Can anyone recomend any apps that are easy to use on android phones instead of using laptop etc
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    Radio 2 ffs!!!

    @Vincey yer blew it!!!!
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    Multifinish & BG!!!!

    Were in August and still no better yer useless T***s!!! Thread closed!!!!
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    British Gypsum & supply issues!!!

    @BritishGypsum genuine question I dont care for any silly politician answers or % quotes that mean nothing to the man on the coal face. When is this situation going to be resolved to the extent that just dropping into a merchant or diy store to collect a bag of finish or bonding will be as...
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    I cant plaster anymore!

    Genuinley...I've lost the knack...I need to go back to old school basics and start back at beginning with 2 proper coats from separate mixes. I just cant ever be arsed to mix up again so blast it 1 coat on board at best same mix laid back in and either I've become shite or I just cant make it...
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    Battery mixers!!!

    Any reviews after a couple of years of wear & tear? Success or failure?...limitations, would you buy again or are they now f**k*d???? @John j need not comment!!!! Zombie
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    Cordless, impact driver, collated, screw gun

    What's you preference for refurb work for over boarding shity ceilings? Cordless Impact driver Collated Screw gun
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    Best stilts on market?

    Now I'm back under 20 stone might amuse the lads and buy some again! Money no object cant spend it on owt else! go easy on me yer T***s! Looking at the double sided dura stilts apose to single side dura stilts? Magnesium v aluminium? Thanks Zombie
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    Plaster situation/goverment support!

    I will bet my house on our trade being left in a situation where by there is still not sufficient stock of materials to work before the goverment funding finishes end of June. Theres absolutely no way on this planet this stock situation will be resolved in 4 weeks time as demand and peoples...
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    Who said im not down wiv kids!!!!

    Only gone and found this button! ☺☹☠❣❤
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    Dust sheets!!!

    Any links to dust sheets that dont let dust or liquid through though arent those with plastic backing as there crap. Zombie
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    Whos using what scrim tape at moment?

    I like a deal but also got no hair to begin with so cant be arsed with shite!!!!
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    @British Gypsum!!!

    So it would seem the mandate from the goverment in England is allowing construction to work all be it would seem a grey area. As a trade we are at your mercy with regards to stock from merchants. Appreciate you cannot be to specific but as many small limited companies & sole traders we will...
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    Material situation???

    Out of curiosity what is the current situation with merchants & plastering materials? Am I right in thinking we are down to just wickes & bq.??? Also as BG is shutdown am I correct to think places have now pretty much run out of gear? Starting to get selfish nobheads phoning now and I just...
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    Struggling now!!!

    No guna lie after a good start heads really starting to wobble. This is 2nd morning I've woke up with no purpose, all family are ok and dont need owt, wifes working from home, kids got bits of homework and then play with there mates on computers. I honestly dont know what to do with myself...
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    Whos currently working???

    Out of curiosity who's now currently working and who is sitting it out? P.s I'm not judging anyone we will all have different financial situations and financial health. Il go 1st I'm not back until after lockdown! Zombie
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    Thats why i voted tory & backed boris!!!

    Stay at home lads & do the right thing! Thread closed!!!
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    Genuinley confused?????

    I'm a big boris fan so I'm not out to dig him. But I cant believe that nobody proofed that speech with ref to work " if absolutely nesacerry if unable to work from home" That was so unclear and open to interpretation. On the other hand nichola sturgeon was crystal clear "only essential work"...
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    Algeeman yer freak!!!!

    I get what you was on about now other week with that early wetup with splash brush and trowel when you 1 coat! Seems soooooo wrong but works a F*****g treat dont it with them G** flex bollox blue handle things! Down with kids me!!!
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    Breathing in shite!!!

    I know it's silly & not clever but I've never been able to wear a mask when needed. It's never bothered me before and strangely still doesn't bother me at work but last few months seem to cough alot in the evening. Is anyone else like this?
  39. Z


    Love you all my internet friends!!!! 10+ years of talking shite!!!! Especially @ John j my south yorkshire brother! Cringe in morning! G** THREAD!!!!!!!
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    G** THEAD 2!!!

    So whats the foookin difference between these plastic things and these ss flexi things? Just a preference or used differently?
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    G** P.L.A.Z.I.F.L.E.X!!!

    I have absoloutley no idea why ive just done it but just walked out of merchants with 1 of them stupid 16" refina plaziflex thing! Think I has an out of body experience or summet...... Sooooooo...... What the f**k do I do with it bar skip!!!! ZOMBIE G** T.H.R.E.A.D
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    Awkward gyprock coving angles!

    Got loads of silly internal & external angles to do on a job. Normally offer cove around the angles & pencil line ceiling & walls where they intersect then offer cove up and transfer pencil lines onto cove. Then hold cove in a mitre block and cut free hand though bit hit & miss. What do you...
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    Phhhh piss & wind!!! Ok serious question am i missing a trick???? Had a lad on an extension this week that we couldnt get to for a builder. Called in yesterday expecting the usual disappointment. Flawless, best work ive see in a long time tbh, noticed on the wibdow sill 2 very worn in plastic...
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    Mo - Breath of fresh air!!!

    Good lad!!!