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    Parex monorex stockist

    Encon don't have any, looking for 90x G20 monorex GM, any help would be appreciated, have to match existing.
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    BG Multi finish

    Good stuff if you can get it, not long ago everyone was moaning like f**k about it, didn't try the make good stuff as had mono rendering on so no probs, might of been a bit of product reinforcement from BG with the shortage.
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    Mai sirius plus mixer pump

    Been spraying mono with one of these recently, 3 phase variable speed, think it might be the best I've used, very little wet gear after stop\start and easy to clean out, gravity hopper so colour change not a problem.
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    Bought myself a Christmas present

    Bit Vincey innit
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    PRB monocoche fist spray.

    Used it today on a b*****d 50m2, went through ritmo M a dream, sprayed nice and cut back perfect, all in all nice gear(y)
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    :mad: Always a let down to me, that offer has finished due to stock depletion but is there anything else I can not have for you.
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    Door linings

    Seems no builders can fit correct width lining in the UK, drives me f**k**g nuttzo!
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    New Ritmo turbo!
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    Hit the sweet spot at last!

    35 years plastering man and boy, good all rounder nice and tidy know my game, I run a good 2+1 gang with myself included, finance everything and pay the lads well, if I have a bit of luck they do too. But f**k**g fed up of colour samples and tax payments all the time. Might be easier doing a bit...
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    My new sales patter

    Met a fella who wants some work done and he was a bit rough and ready, building a nice place though and doing it well, after a s**t load of good question from him I finally said ," If you want high quality plastering and render work done I'm a f**k**g good bloke to know". Ain't got the job...
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    Doing a few jobs at home!

    New fence down one side, render top half of front, and an oak gazebo with cedar shingles down the bottom of garden which gets nice late afternoon/ early evening sun, costs and costs, still no pockets in a shroud.
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    Tell me! Am I unreasonable?

    Going on holiday and I suggested to my wife not to wear sandals around heavy luggage. Got the f**k**g look.
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    My sons 21st

    Wants a watch, worked his bollox off since he was 16 plastering with me, any helpful thoughts?
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    Correcting poor monocouche

    Seems lately I'm being asked to price for correcting poorly finished monocouche, the builders talk the internal plasterers into having a go at it then it goes tits up.
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    Polar white equivalent

    Have a job in at the moment and the customer has chosen k rend polar white, looking to change manufacturer and find the closest colour match, help appreciated.
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    Might be a good buy for someone.

    generator 3 phase | eBay I would like to upgrade my genny to a 20kva petrol any ideas anyone? VRP160 looks favourite at present
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    Putmeister mixer pump

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    Sprayed EHI and left it overnight, this morning it was still soft as, we had to I section and wait a good while before we could cut back, we are putting TV10 mesh in colour coat though, this must be holding it back! Any advice.
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    Spraying toughcoat

    We've been spraying the above this week on tall walls and large areas, ruling it a little different and everything goes back on the wall, no quicker but easy life.
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    Lafarge Tarmac merger

    Since the merger nothing but supply problems and unfulfilled orders.
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    Poor old me.

    Quarter of a century all in on mono! Too dear, not getting it.
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    G4/5 or Ritmo

    The three phase G4 or G5 is more economical to use imo, belts it on quicker, working time is shorter along with waiting to scrape in warmer weather.
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    PFT ZP3 Full Speed ahead

    Liquid screed - YouTube That's more like it!
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    I've a tiddler.

    to do next week in gyvlon with new pump, will post.
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    I've a tiddler.

    to do next week in gyvlon with new pump, will post.
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    New ZP3 XL FU

    Got a new pump for screed but my generator won't power it, bit of a problem that, I'll sort it I'm sure, nice bit of kit which is a lot faster and more controllable than my old one.
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    Overnight scrape, last week marmorit made a typo on my presto mono order and I got lemon instead of camel! They didn't change or deliver the original order for another 7 days , bit poor I thought, anyway sorted on Monday and I sprayed in the afternoon, late though. Cut back next morning by 10am...
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    Continuous mixer

    Does anyone have or use one of these? Seems like they might be a useful bit of kit, lotus xs is nice and small by the looks, any advice appreciated.
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    Odd render colour

    Last month I had a job come in and the parish council chose the render colour, weber earth, well I did have trouble getting hold of it, I use Minsters for weber and they had just had an order of 27 pallets delivered none of them earth colour so they would do a branch search and see what they...
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    Screed in Shed

    I had 16 bags of weber fine flow screed and have laid it barely 20mm thick on celotex with render mesh, perfect good hard floor, poured it in and ran a spatula over it, flat as a pancake.
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    M-tec monomix

    Gave someone a hand today who had bought monomix but needed a little confidence to use it, I think there are easier machines to use and the hopper really is too small, seemed to be a lot of little design faults that would cause a novice to have problems and when you're a bit unsure anyway...
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    Haven't broke anything in a while by over tightening so:

    I want a putz roline pump, however she would never live in it because I would have to sell up to buy one she's, very selfish like that, I'm thinking of buying a honda GX670 Vtwin engine and replacing the motor on a ZP3v with it, coupled to the variable drive and the T10 r&s should up output a...
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    Getting the dog screeding!

    See what I mean
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    Weber fine flow screed

    I had some weber fine flow left from an insurance job last year and have screeded my man shed with it and it seems solid, concrete slab, 25mm celotex and 20 mm weber fine flow with 165gm fibre reinforcement. With a tile and adhesive on top it will make it 30mm max on insulation. Just trying...
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    Currriers skimming vid

    Sat at home because I haven't got any work on until Monday, watching Blones videos on utube then spray skimming from one of our members who's persevered and looks like he's won, good on you Currier and your Dad for sticking with it! Do you want to talk about the water switch or are you over it...
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    Beads for insulated render.

    Which is best for insulated render, the mesh wing bead or would 6mm standard plastic be ok? It's a marmorit system.
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    Spraying site mix.

    Learning curve yet again! Gun nozzle kept blocking but soon sorted it with one I had, different from namby pamby bagged render though, it was like the old days.
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    Walked away from a couple of jobs recently.

    Everyone seems to think you can work for peanuts, some jobs you can tell are going to be a bit of a struggle on price and builder says he can get it done cheaper, get them to do it then! If more people had a reality check prices wouldn't be so poor, seems everyone's a plasterer around here by...
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    Liquid screed set up costs

    Need a lot of gear don't you! Laser, tripods, dappling bars, flowring tester, 35mm hoses. Dear old game.
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    Priced this and was shocked.

    As title says, did a weber silver pearl job on an annexe for a rich guy recently, he had this place converted and chopped the existing sound pebble dash off, I rendaided and weber pral m applied, new oak windows and looks nice, everyone's happy. He has just asked me to quote for the existing...
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    Ritmo M

    42 bags of weber pral m the other day, no sweat. Me spraying and a lad just bagging, all off the mains, If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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    Put down a little one today as above, sand was too sharp, dead as, then mixer through a wobbly because it was the first time used for a while, all in all a mare. I was lucky to finish by 12 then let the labourer go on return to yard thank kcuf.
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    Rock bottom prices!

    Some subby from miles away from our town has a job to dry line and skim 65 apartments, phoned me up and gave me the talk about good runs and agent is sound, I asked rates and he replide £1.95m² to skim, silence incurred for a while then I said "Good luck I'd rather sit at home thanks". w**k*r!
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    Sto, this is a strange one.

    StoSilo Minibox M - Die clevere Einweglösung - YouTube
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    ZP3 or S5 for liquid screed

    Would these pumps be quick enough to pour 200 m2?
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    Spraying rendaid!

    Has anyone done it? I have about 200m² to do and fancy spraying it on bradstone, what do you think? Perhaps too messy.
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    11 bags of mono and i sprayed it.

    This may seem a little lazy however G4 was already there and I had two strips of mono to do on a roof so the slater could continue his work, the area was about 10²m and i sprayed it and was done in no time giving me the rest of the day to bead, my point is, once you are used to machine...
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    Parts supply for machines

    It has to be said, a certain supplier of machines and machine spares is a diamond. I'm refurbing a mixer pump at present and obscure parts are delivered next day as normal practice, I do appreciate the service from the Lord.
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    Ask for interim payments as you go along.

    When your doing a large job for someone or companys there is no harm in asking for valuations at the end of a week or so's work then invoice, this lets you know a thing or two about your client. I seem to get interim payments fine , no problems, when I'm no longer needed because I've completed I...
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    Which material? Hardwall or CPI

    I have a three storey Georgian town house to re plaster, 3m ceiling hieghts and large stairwell, it's all 9" brickwork and was previously done in lime of course, it's been priced for harwall but I think CPI might be a better option, there is a fair depth to go on walls in places, you know the...