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  1. Lastlaff

    .Dream team.

    One old Irish bloke I used to labour for held a handful of nail in his mouth as he tacked - spitting one out every second or so tacking - never got a word out of him all day.
  2. Lastlaff

    .Dream team.

    Proper tacking that was, quite miss it - Estwing hammer left a nice dimple around the pb & nail for a key.
  3. Lastlaff

    Renderer from Australia

    Howdy partner…he’s not from the wild-west. It’s Oz - g’day cobber.
  4. Lastlaff

    Plaster reinforcement mesh.

    Why not just do as the code requires?
  5. Lastlaff

    Internal mono corner

    Any pics mate of the work…love a pic. Miss that staffie-dog avatar
  6. Lastlaff


    What’s she 2nd fixing to the 15mm copper…loo, bidet and sink
  7. Lastlaff


    You must be loaded mate. I remember that resort as we walked past it, it was for the rich & beautiful people. We hired a mini-moke and it broke down in the middle of town - we dumped it and got s**t-faced on Pinas.
  8. Lastlaff

    Rendering to ground..... do or do not?

    Start with this block detail.
  9. Lastlaff

    Colour matching render

    The stones haven’t been mixed in with the render - they have been dashed on. Some stones are dirty/dusty straight from a bag and need washed & sieved or they can look cat.
  10. Lastlaff

    Colour matching render

    Did the builder do the pebble-dash? Should have set and rubbed-up reveals first. Unless you do samples of render/stones to colour match its hit or miss.
  11. Lastlaff

    floor screed diy

    Oh yes mate, very tight :)
  12. Lastlaff

    Bristol based (north)

    Decent offer for a grafter - lifelong skill and loads of money to earn if you’re smart
  13. Lastlaff

    floor screed diy

    Have a bit of this :)
  14. Lastlaff


    Ffs, now the cats after my curry
  15. Lastlaff


    Trying to stop the goat from eating the pineapple out of my Pina Colada
  16. Lastlaff

    Excuse the cheesiness lol

    How come the video has gone?
  17. Lastlaff

    Excuse the cheesiness lol

    Any pics of it?
  18. Lastlaff


    Car looks lovely mate, I think for a 1990’s look though you need the wheels just chrome colour
  19. Lastlaff

    Type of finish?

    It’s dashed with stones in the mix (pea shingle), generally 3:1 mix, stones, sharpe sand & cement.
  20. Lastlaff

    Type of finish?

    Roughcast/wet dash
  21. Lastlaff

    2003 Timber frame render cracking everywhere

    All sounds normal spec to me. Done loads like this. Rib-lath is my preferred on timber. As long as you wire-tie mid-batten you should be crack free. Pricking up coat with sharp sand. So many intricacies in this application. Loads of builders prepped jobs like this for me… give me strength!
  22. Lastlaff

    Kite winder

    Awkward as fukc those. One heavy pricking up coat with cement, float it then two heavy finish coats.
  23. Lastlaff

    Repeat customers

    Nice looking van that - better than the Transit or not?
  24. Lastlaff


    One hour by car - what can your tranny sports do it in?
  25. Lastlaff


    I’m in Edinburgh this week - is it near?
  26. Lastlaff

    Please advise

    I always say it 4be2 or 2be4
  27. Lastlaff

    Curved walls

    When I float curved walls, I always skim them old school trowel, float, trowel,
  28. Lastlaff

    Help with dark spots on newly plastered wall

    Paint this on the grease marks and you won’t have a problem.
  29. Lastlaff

    Cement fiber board

    What is the rest of the wall built of - brick/block? And if so, why didn’t the builder just block it up and then render/float whatever. Or, if the garage is sound & dry, remove the cement board and replace with plasterboard and just plaster it - this of course is dependent on the existing...
  30. Lastlaff

    Curved walls

    Get a few pics up of the finish.
  31. Lastlaff

    Nissan micra .

    Was that you 3 vehicles in front of it, right up my jacksie until the tailback?
  32. Lastlaff

    Nissan micra .

    R - reg, 1976. Not a spot of rust on it.
  33. Lastlaff

    Nissan micra .

    One next to me on M25 earlier
  34. Lastlaff

    Sbr slurry

    Did you slurry it just for a key? When you slurried the walls did you stipple it , scud it or just paint it on? If I scud a wall I always leave it over night anyway and if high suction I soak it before scudding.
  35. Lastlaff

    Which speedskim?

    What plaster do you use?
  36. Lastlaff


    EML there mate. Get yourself down Specsavers.
  37. Lastlaff


    Floating both sides of this wall, it has a 30mm bulge one side and 30mm belly the other from one end to other. Shocking blockwork, builder said ‘bend the plaster’ Lord above, give me the strength to carry on!
  38. Lastlaff


    What a waste of energy. You watched it all the way through? Interesting at the end…fukc the drenched sponge float on and hard-trowel it.
  39. Lastlaff


    That looks fookin hot in Florida.
  40. Lastlaff


    More doors or wheels in the World. Heard the kids discussing it on Toktik now I can’t get it out of my brain. It’s messing with my beer-drinking.
  41. Lastlaff

    Bad plastering job?

  42. Lastlaff

    Advice please - mesh or back to brick ?

    All off and back to brick for a proper job. I’d float and set it in solid plaster (nothing like a solid wall), but you could board it and skim it. Mesh man is dreaming…can’t polish a turd, looks f**k*d. How many rooms need doing?
  43. Lastlaff

    Reskimming after damp work

    What caused the damp?
  44. Lastlaff


    …other 80% in pub?
  45. Lastlaff


    Giant compared to Andy then
  46. Lastlaff

    Looking for a plasterer in the Worcester area

    Had a few good piss-ups in Worcester years ago.
  47. Lastlaff


    How tall’s the milkman?
  48. Lastlaff

    K-Rend concern.

    Go and look at their previous work - look very carefully, find out if the same blokes that did the good work are doing your work. Are you having lighting that shines straight up at your new render (if so, tell the plasterers so they know this).