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  1. BigK

    Sprayforce Excalibur machine

    Anyone heard or used these diesel machines? Any pros and cons etc?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. BigK

    Weber ocr problem

    Architect friend of mine has a problem and has asked me what I think but as I haven’t used any ocr just wondered what the regular users think of the causes of the cracking and mapping of the following..... Tbh it looks like it may be hollow...... Background was standard 4 inch block Sent from...
  3. BigK

    Fantasy Premeir League???

    Hi lads, just thought I'd put this out early and see if there are any takers? I was in a fantasy premier league last year and found it much more fun, thought provoking than the suns dreamteam so wondered if you fancied it?? Maybe if Danny shared it in the main forum it could help??? @scottie5...
  4. BigK

    Stainless steel skim beads

    Can anyone advise where these can be got??? And any experience of cost?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. BigK

    Nela super flex MK ONE

    @Plasterers1StopShop Or anybody know if they are still producing the original?? The MK2 doesn't seem to be the same to me, seems to either peel or tear if your on it too early or late for me at least, end up using more water. I thought they were the same apart from the tape used. I just thought...
  6. BigK

    Thanks speedskim!!

    Unexpected parcel arrived today, wtf is this I thought! Been meaning to purchase the new sf mark2 (1200) to give it a whirl. @Speedskim only went and sent me a prize for being in the dream team competition!! Didnt think I'd won anything as I finished way down the pecking order! Anyway thank you...
  7. BigK

    PROF mixing drill

    Anyone ant feedback on these drills? This one in particular Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. BigK

    Float and skim pricing opinions

    Just a quick one, yes or no answers will suffice, I will tell you why I'm asking shortly...... The lads that supply gear firstly..... Would your whole price supply & fix be cheaper/ dearer or the same for s&c and skim, or hardwall and skim. Labour only lads; would you expect to get paid more for...
  9. BigK

    600 centres

    Topic on here a while back, I think it was @bobby who was looking at some house where trusses were at 600's and builder said half inch boards would be OK. He was advised against this bt forum members including myself who had been through the s**t of sagging boards on ceilings etc. Anyhow on said...
  10. BigK

    What's the name

    Of those beads that clip on the edge of the bead, like a skim stop but envelopes around the edge of the board? Normally just took them off the shelf before but have to order a s**t load through a second party and don't want any mistakes..... Official name or number would be lovely. Thanks in...
  11. BigK

    Lime floor

    Lime floor screed Putting one down on Wednesday, nhl 5 and some VERY coarse sand they have sent out, almost like flagging sand, (only washed) Just wondering what are anyone's experiences of using the gear???? Any tips??? What ratio do you use it? About 2.5/1?? It's going down about 70 to 100mm...
  12. BigK

    Lime floor screed

    Putting one down on Wednesday, nhl 5 and some VERY coarse sand they have sent out, almost like flagging sand, (only washed) Just wondering what are anyone's experiences of using the gear???? Any tips??? What ratio do you use it? About 2.5/1?? It's going down about 70 to 100mm in thickness. Semi...
  13. BigK

    Tyson fury

    Just sat here waiting for it to come on. Hope he gets knocked out clean Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. BigK

    Going to price a job

    On Saturday. Git a call yesterday from a fella about a '5 bedrooms house that needs plastering' From what the fella said they have put insulated boards on externals, some new ceilings& studs and some re skim. Now I'm going on Saturday and I don't think I have a hope of getting the job. Only...
  15. BigK

    Best purchase of the year

    Since we are heading towards the end of the year just wondered what is your best purchase of tool this year?? Mine might seem a little odd but it is the Refina bucket. An animal that is worth its weight in gold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. BigK

    Right lads I'm torn!

    Ordering a new trowel for skimming and torn between a carbon 16x4, (primarily chosen) but wondered what peoe thought of the duraflex? I will be using it primarily for laying on and flattening as I generally finish with SF. Could duraflex users give me some input please? More the merrier...
  17. BigK

    Hp12 or weber lac

    Hi lads, going over a small rendered wall that's cracked, have to top it off with white s&c, was going to base coat it with one of the above & mesh. Which one would be best? Or are they essentially the same product?? Cheers
  18. BigK

    Diamond float

    Ordered a few bits so I threw one of these diamond floats on as it was only £6 and I'd never seen them. Just got it and I'm surprised at it to say the least!! What are they best for??? Just the same as a polyurethane float?? Hardwall s&c etc??
  19. BigK

    Celebrating with a jar

    Tonight! As my cousin has won gold at the swimming world championship. Means nothing to most, I know, but I'm exhilarated for the family and James himself. To tell you the work he's put in since 8 years of age would take pages, dedication at its pinnacle. And for his mum & dad who upped sticks...
  20. BigK

    Speedskim pole

    Just looking on the website and all I can see is the pole attachment? Do you use your own pole?
  21. BigK

    Hawks & handboards

    Just noticed MT do a magnesium, thought they were all aluminium, they are a lot more expensive, but if they stayed straight longer I'd get one, anyone any experience of these?
  22. BigK

    Going over k rend

    Right lads, a retaining garden wall, I'm guessing water pressure from other side has blown off some k rend. Would hp12 or weber lac go over the lot of it with mesh and then mushrooms every 400 suffice before top coating?? All ideas welcome [emoji106]
  23. BigK

    Broke my s*p*r*lex

    Today, about 8 weeks old, knocked it off the spot oars with the handle of the spat! Think I've too many tools [emoji23] Was using a 16 inch but have a 14 inch back up but must now buy another, that doesn't bother me its just that feckin delivery charge [emoji35]
  24. BigK

    Lime floor screed

    Hi fellas, a friend of mine is having an extension built and some underfloor heating in his kitchen. The present dwelling is a couple of hundred years old and once his current floor is dug out he is putting the little ball stuff (I've forgot the name of it) that lets moisture run under the...
  25. BigK

    New paddle

    Need a new paddle for my Bosch drill, the chuck type, 120x 600 or a bigger one will do, can't find them on eBay, ( only screw in type) and on Amazon from Bosch they are nearly £50? Didn't think they would be that price.... Any help??
  26. BigK

    Gp mortar/ ice on cement board

    Hi folks never rendered this cement board. I have about 4metres to do on a bulk head for a friend, and I have 4 bags gp mortar kindly given to me from k rend so it would be an ideal spot just to give it a whirl. Question is, what prep is required if any and would I get away with a one coater...
  27. BigK

    Calling all Irish plasterers

    I mentioned this briefly on another thread briefly but didn't get any response so I thought I'd ask here.... What is the story with door frames over here? Every job I've done the door frames are 135mm, that's 17.5 mm of floating we've got to heave on, it's feckin ridiculous!! Whenever I've...
  28. BigK

    Refina skimming spatulas

    Firstly sorry to all the regular posters for going on about topics that have already been well covered. However, following my recent purchase of my s*p*r*lex I have been looking at the retina spatulas. Would I be right in thinking they are basically a 40 inch s*p*r*lex? I would be buying it in...
  29. BigK

    Parex Mono

    Hello Fellas, new to this forum, have a house to price (looks like I'll be doing it) and he wants it doing in parex mono. I've never used this gear, what's it like? Have only used K-rend before, Any difference? I'll be hand applying (hard work I know) but the house is built with polystyrene...