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    9 inch wall

    It’s the plaster that’s the problem not the bricks. Take plaster off bricks are dry
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    9 inch wall

    That why your mug of tea and bowl of cereal every morning drink your brew and milk? (Baked clay) look mate believe in rising damp I’ve spent most my life treating it. I just don’t think everyone knows the facts
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    9 inch wall

    Clay (waterproof) shaped and naked into a brick is waterproof by design. Blue engineering brick is a much denser tighter packed brick. Used as a dpc moons ago but all bricks are technically designed as waterproof
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    9 inch wall

    No I don’t Usually because of wrong plaster, bonding/browning. I personally believe in rising damp but I also know not every situation is either or and know how to treat it
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    9 inch wall

    Rising damp is a bit of a myth. Cold condenses on the lowest part of the wall, giving evidence to the myth of rising damp. You need to raise the thermal temperature of the wall with either thermal boards or limelite or sand and cement with waterproofed to stop it gathering
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    Anyone dye there primer

    Yeah makes no sense does it, charge the maximum amount for the best job you can do. Ridiculous
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    Anyone dye there primer

    Every job you say seems backwards and hard work. But fair play if it works for you pal
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    Anyone dye there primer

    Like it’s a game for you? Lol
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    9 inch wall

    Bricks are waterproof by design mate, limelite or waterproof s/c is another barrier from your bricks. Then if you water repellant on top of that, rain will be no issue
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    Anyone dye there primer

    You make it too easy for them mate bitch be on soon too
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    Anyone dye there primer

    Car Carl the plasterer will say you learned that on your course haha
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    Anyone dye there primer

    I’ve just googled to double check you @lurpak. Good man lol
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    9 inch wall

    Use sand and cement with waterprofer or lime lite, new dpc if necessary. Spray the external with exterior water repellant, no probs.
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    How to ignore a forum

    As much as everyone wants to, it’s hard to ignore @Andyg ‘s threads lol
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    New trowel

    No thanks pal but I’m sure you mate wouldn’t mind it lol
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    New trowel

    Why you think the nela flex 2 is shite? I’ve got an 18 incher and thinknits best finishing trowel available personally
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    Mudd Plastering Services

    I’ve just seen your post of this on Instagram too
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    death by drugs

    You’re gonna kick yourself you missed the coke joke mate lol
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    Enjoy it mucka!
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    12oz sirloin for me from there, I want the tomahawk but missus don’t seem keen she loves the fillet. Anything’s is great from there tho really ain’t it mate
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    Knew you’d be having a ladies fillet lol
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    Ohhh yeah miller and carter. Beef dripping gravy
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    Plastterers for beck row suffolk

    To be honest I’d love to know this out of pure amazement that you can do that. Not doubting you either. How do you mix it up, rolling sets or one big mix? If one big one how on earth has it not set in bucket/spot board by time your getting close to the end. You animal @algeeman and @Gibbo and...
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    DeWalt mixing drill
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    DeWalt mixing drill

    I got mine for £290 off eBay. 240v although I did order 110 by mistake but they swapped it for me no bother. Threw in a 16inch refina sponge float too
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    What trade do you dislike the most.

    Bet that blew more than the corner off your trowel
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    Sausage and cabbage, if it’s not got cabbage it’s not polish lol
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    Where's nutty b*ll***s

    Here here. Fooking boils my piss
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    Claim to fame

    We worked in Chris Evans house, he’s from Warrington originally and he’d bought this house for his daughter
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    Newbie Here!

    Get a speedskim will be your best friend. Just the plastic blade. Pva is best to skim when dry anyways but if it’s your friend maybe use grit that kills some more suction. First coat, speedskim fresh second speedskim, speedskim again then trowel as you wish. Good luck pal
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    Limelite plaster

    Wonder why they’ve specced one coat, didn’t know you could get that in full size bags either
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    Outstanding progress

    We did, didn’t even bother with dust sheets as it’d just make them vile. Luckily wasn’t much in the kitchen really. It’s a rental so was bits everywhere in bottom flat. Bedroom was disgusting aswell
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    Outstanding progress

    That’s what we walked into this morning. Last nights tea still on the pan. Stunk all day
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    What am I worth

    How much do you want? Your obviously not happy with 40 which is understandable but there’s a lot your not telling us. Age, own tools, your on your first year, you’d just be at college if it wasn’t for your relative. You’ve gotta pay your dues a lot at first. You was probably costing him more...
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    Beast of a hop up.

    That looks a top bit of kit, how much was that mate? Any chance of putting a link up for it
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    Does or has anyone used the speedskim with the metal edge blade? What did you think?

    I don’t like my metal edge one really, tiger stripes galore off it. I like my plastic one for good flatten. Wouldn’t recommend
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    Help on this issue

    If it’s good enough for cellars with ground water pressure it’s gonna piss an above ground chimney breast. I would say it’s the dabs still drying get a dehumidifier in there.
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    Plastering reveal s

    No beads necessary lol
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    Plastering reveal s

    Andy have you had a go at damp proofing this return?
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    John j .s van

    It’s not tho is it. Nando’s don’t offer you goblets but Miller and carter offer rump and sirloin. Even have fillet for the ladies lol
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    John j .s van

    Uh oh lol
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    John j .s van

    Rump and sirloin are by far best cuts. So much more flavour. Fillet is for girls lol
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    dot and dab onto blockwork ( Porfix)

    Surely stud work in front of the blocks with a sheet of ply then board would be an easier solution or just render the wall and leave off the boards completely?
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    SBR for skimming

    Throw it. Pva is terrible to use once frost has ruined it
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    Stair winders

    Would hate to board it more than skim it mate
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    No he didnt

    @lurpak your boyfs back
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    ox speedskim

    I like my 1200 for first flatten, wouldn’t really say it gets used after that. I got the 600 stainless steel one and hate it. It’s meant for finishing. Looks shite when you run it over. Tiger stripes everywhere. Have get the trowel out anyways so stays in the van
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    s**t gear again

    Finish/fat changes colour and consistency quite dramatically too
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    s**t gear again

    That’s how we do it mate, 2 coats. Get it with the sponge fairly quick don’t need leave it for ages. Wet your sponge spray your wall and float. Then turn round and speedskim/trowel. One more after that. Done
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    s**t gear again

    Only use board myself. Never ad a problem other than through the pva