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  1. warriorupnorth


    Still looking for a decent gang for board and skim work near Doncaster . Good rates 8.00 m2 for board n skim. Large properties
  2. warriorupnorth

    Hello all

    New to the forum (this year anyway) see Danny's demoted me !! How's all you old reprobates. See nothing changes
  3. warriorupnorth

    New builds Retford area

    Actually in Everton between Gainsborough and Bawtry in Doncaster.. all price work . Good rates for the right gang must have cscs, utr, insurance and the skills required to finish to a high standard. Message me on here if interested and I will supply my number Regards Paul
  4. warriorupnorth

    Work in Doncaster

    0ne or two good gangs required for 3 Three bed town houses and a pair of semi's and four three beds town houses to follow when ready. Must have cscs..utr pm me for details . Thanks Paul
  5. warriorupnorth

    New CDM regs

    As of the 6th of April CDM regs now apply on domestic works so be aware of your responsibility
  6. warriorupnorth


    It is with deep regret and great sadness that I have had to withdraw from further Wallcrete training days. Having met some fantastic blokes and made some friends I will sorely miss carrying out the training days. Also made some good friends at PICS UK LTD and will miss my intimate Thai...
  7. warriorupnorth

    EWI Nottingham

    Pm me for details. Usual conditions apply
  8. warriorupnorth

    EWI Nottingham

    Some up and coming work in Nottingham , brick rend and texture , usual requirements apply Pm me for details
  9. warriorupnorth

    EWI installers brighton

    As above any one in the Brighton area , Pm me please
  10. warriorupnorth


    Down in Essex for a couple of days next week in and around the ss6 and ss15 areas if any one fancies a beer and chat about some ewi works. Also any recommendations for a nice pub/B n B
  11. warriorupnorth

    EWI Stockton on Tees

    If any one is interested in ewi work on terraced property's in Stockton on Tees drop me a line . Must have the usual cscs, at least one system card , qaulity , clean installers only. paul @
  12. warriorupnorth

    Manchester tomorrow

    So who's there ?
  13. warriorupnorth


    Some clown messaged from Facebook today offering me 100 quid cash if I skimmed a room for him tomorrow what a clown . He was on here a while back but I think he got short shrift then...... Sorry just annoys the fook out a me when they come out with that ****
  14. warriorupnorth

    Live streaming sport

    Any one know of an app or site that I can stream the footy live to my phone
  15. warriorupnorth


    Any body written one or two even to help promote the trade or their business
  16. warriorupnorth

    Twickenham Rugby

    Going Barbarians game on 1st June (Sunday) thinking off travelling into London night before and making a weekend of it , so looking for some where lively to stay in London with pretty easy access to Twickers , any suggestions appreciated I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
  17. warriorupnorth

    Mono work

    Got a small mono job , only 80m2 but still prefer machine application . Jobs in Doncaster PM me if interested
  18. warriorupnorth

    Grand National sweepstake

    Any one wanting to participate must have their names down for the draw for weds eve and money paid to my PayPal account £10 per entry one entry pp any PayPal fees will be deducted from the winnings. If your not interested then don't comment Draw will take place on...
  19. warriorupnorth


    Eagle got his Derbys out again :o I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
  20. warriorupnorth

    Songs play 5

    Thinking about investing in one , any one else use these types of speaker/system ,? Any recommendation's I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
  21. warriorupnorth

    MR. S4 plain render

    From Alumasc , any one any tips hand applying this stuff , a couple of the lads are struggling with it , I've not used it before only ever used their dash receiver , so unable to advise them
  22. warriorupnorth

    Dpr 1,5

    on Ebay, apparentley 50 tubs @owls
  23. warriorupnorth

    Dry dash

    Small gable hack off n dash in worksop if any ones interested,* pm me for details
  24. warriorupnorth

    EPS waste

    So what is every body doing with their waste ? recycling , dumping ?
  25. warriorupnorth

    Thin coat render Gwent

    About thirty metres on a bare sectional garage, nice steady job pm me if you want it , already priced and waiting to go, must have utr and know the systems, marmorit, parex, jub , sto, etc etc etc whichever one your comfortable using, could supply if required
  26. warriorupnorth

    Can any one do

    Brick effect renders around the Reading, Windsor or High Wycombe areas, i have some canny contracts that i am able to offer some one either supply and fix or labour only
  27. warriorupnorth

    Cill extenders/profiles etc

    Any one have any links or numbers for steel/ali cill extenders, verge profiles etc etc for retro fit after ewi work
  28. warriorupnorth

    Brick Effect Render

    Peterborough on Monday n Tues and in Banbury on Weds/Thurs Friday in Reading ,any one wants to comme and get involved learn the system your quite welcome to come down, just pm me and I'll give youthe details, this free training
  29. warriorupnorth

    Thirty years

    Ago , wished i had access to the kind of info that is available on this forum, everything you need to know at your fingertips, truly invaluable, and to all you newbys and learners please show your gratitude by using the rep and thanks button , you will be surprised how forthcoming craftesmen are...
  30. warriorupnorth

    wallcrete fear

  31. warriorupnorth


    Took part in a survey a while back , to help stabilise rates and peoples expectations, sure one or two of you have taken part, but it seems quite wide ranging , think theyve just published the l lowest and highest rates Plasterers: how much should you pay? - Which? Local
  32. warriorupnorth

    Industry standards

    The industry in genaral gets a pretty bad rep for not being proffesional enough etc, but wihout getting too deep, what ten phrases/statements would you use to create an industry standards charter.if you cant think off ten just tag em onto some elses
  33. warriorupnorth


    A taste of South America from Knauf Drywall | Application Story | Buildingtalk
  34. warriorupnorth

    Newbury Thurs 27th 12

    Any of you guys thats booked in stopping over night before ? and also make sureyou have a coat fellas it'sa a bit nippy in the morn now xx
  35. warriorupnorth


    Explain your self Clive !!
  36. warriorupnorth


    Working at a DeMulder ,animal waste rendering plant , what fookin horrible stinking hole, possibly one of the worst places I've ever worked in, the stench is indescribable, positive note we managed to keep our space and about five foot radius at the bar after work, got in the van this morning...
  37. warriorupnorth

    Good stuff

    Tried to knock a sample board out this afternoon, it's been done about a month
  38. warriorupnorth


    Any one near Doncaster with a pump to do some screed for a local builder, pm me your no and i will pass it on to him
  39. warriorupnorth


    Big thanks to John at Pics for sharing a Thai with me on my 50th birthday whilst down at Newbury, we had some nice food as well:RpS_w00t:
  40. warriorupnorth

    Bit of wallcrete over Weber chalk

    still got a bit of carving then rest of colourto add
  41. warriorupnorth

    Darn Sarf

    This week doing a load of brick effect renders, any one want to meet up have a chat quite welcome, here is a link to my route...
  42. warriorupnorth

    Notts job

    CV-Library Mobile Site
  43. warriorupnorth

    patch up

    in the middle of a job at the minute and the groundsman asked i i could patch this up So this was the result up to press Bit of antique over the top and job done
  44. warriorupnorth

    Manchester 26th July

    any of you lads from the forum on this one ?
  45. warriorupnorth

    Pimlico Plumbers

    Drain cleaner on 150k wtf KTF
  46. warriorupnorth

    Brick effect render/Kent

    Any one want a small brick effect job in Chiselhurst Kent, only a few m2 but nice little job for a starter
  47. warriorupnorth


    20" wtf, must have arms like garth Marshalltown plastering job lot | eBay
  48. warriorupnorth

    Free index job

    Plasterer required in Polesworth - Business Leads for Plasterers
  49. warriorupnorth


    Thursday 19 th July is the next training day, then the 26 in Manchester If you wish to attend contact Clare @ PICS just click on the link on the sidebar
  50. warriorupnorth

    Wallcrete Sheffield

    Any one off here doing this Thursdays course in Dinnington, Sheffield ??