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    Has the plasterer botched this job?

    That was one of my better jobs. What's the issue
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    old school help from a chippie

    Looks turd but that's just my opinion
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    Shouldnt need speedskim on board
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    Youtube wankers!!!

    Yeah he watches her get banged by black men from the cupboard the cuck
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    Youtube wankers!!!

    Bunch of ego f**k c**ts them Youtubers. Need lining up and putting in the ground. how can they even show face on site without getting bullied. The plastering for begginers guy is boring as f**k probably orders korma on a Saturday night and wanks into a sock
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    Hello masters of the plasters

    Hell fire not reading that
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    Knee pads

    Yeah mate coz if you kneel down every so often you gotta be a s**t plasterer daft old c**t
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    Medi flex v s*p*r*lex

    Mediflex doesn’t
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    Medi flex v s*p*r*lex

    Decorators problem
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    Medi flex v s*p*r*lex

    right through with speed skim easy as that
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    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    Who’s got a mediflex they want rid of ? I’ll have it
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    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    Load of b*ll***s Marshalltown is all you need
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    an 'unprofessional' professional job.

    Put some plants in front of it
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    Nearly went over today!!

    You didn't get your greggs this morning
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    Dewalt Cordless mixer

    Yeah the paddle supplied is numb I switched it straight away when I saw it. Can't belive these less than bag mixes you must have a labourer coz I could not be f**k*d having to stop and mix all the time especially on a big ceiling when stilts are on ,
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    Dewalt Cordless mixer

    9 bags a day some days battery always has life left
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    Cheap-ish mixers

    80 quid on ebay. Haven't managed to kill mine yet and I mainly use it for dab.
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    Anyone got the £200 dewalt radio

    Dewalt radio great purchase get the one that charges flex volt. They are big an heavy tho. I would have got makita but all tools are dewalt so made no sense
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    Does this look acceptable at all?

    No s**t stop coming on here trying to get money off you bill. The builder isn't wrong the plastering is good enough your house ain't the sistine chapel. You want better in future source a reputable plasterer yourself
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    Does this look acceptable at all?

    Does my head in customers coming on here winging. Talk to your f**k**g plasterer how about that
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    Refina mm30 110v

    Fantastic mixer had mine for 15 year
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    Plastering required

    15 k minimum
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    Multi finish auctions

    Wouldn't buy multi for 4 pound a bag shite stuff. Board finish everytime
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    Speedskim please .

    That's 100% him attention seeking fanny he is. s**t spread nice extra small tee shirt
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    Faces to names

    Definitely a syrup that
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    Skimming hall and stairs and small bedroom results

    f**k offffff gotta be a wind up. Seen these pictures on here before am sure of it
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    Is sponge floating worth it?

    Sponge b*ll***s again
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    Job blown.

    Got noshed off once for a ceiling she had a right smelly minge an all
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    Calm before the storm

    its hard as f**k house bashing when you have had a couple of weeks off. Gonna struggle when i go back
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    oursites update 2

    Sites will be open until the government makes it mandatory to shut. Could be days can't see it being longer than a week. They will be shut soon On my site people still in the canteen and offices people not taking precautions or taking the virus seriously.
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    Genuinley confused?????

    No proper answer off Boris yet. I'm collectin tools tomorrow not worth the risk
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    Calm before the storm

    you can only leave your house for 4 reasons - shopping for basic necessities as infrequently as possible - one form of exercise per day, such as a run, walk or cycle, alone or with a member of your household - for any medical need - to provide care or help a vulnerable person - travelling...
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    That's that then Ladies and Gents.

    Said it in the other thread site I'm on still open and will be until Boris makes it mandatory to shut
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    And now Screwfix

    Only advisory it says until it come from boris. Site I'm on won't shut until mandatory
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    A thread to make u feel better

    Keep your head in the sand and I'll cum in your misses instead Stop quoting and replying to my posts with utter drivel it's f**k**g embarrassing
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    A thread to make u feel better

    Like I said it will never happen over here in the west because people don't give a f**k and can't be forced to stay indoors only advised. This whole thread is about how China has controlled it but what has taken them 3 months more than likely will take us double
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    A thread to make u feel better

    There's a reason it's been able to be controlled in China and that's because the government and military are not afraid to take drastic action. People have been isolated for months and not like over here in the west but proper military lock down that they can enforce. That will never happen over...
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    That's that then Ladies and Gents.

    Where does it say this
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    Estimate on Cost to Plaster a 3 Bed-Semi

    Everyone is on a tight budget mate :fuckyou:
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    whos still working

    Expensive scrim that as well not the s**t stuff
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    China military locked a whole province down within days of it being recognised. Military lock down f**k**g people out in hazmat suits spraying everything. Door to door rations no one allowed out and they have controlled it. What have we done, sweet f**k all people can't even get tested. This...
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    It's not about age if NHS is full capacity people will be dying in corridors waiting for a ventilator and treatment.
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    We are all f**k*d. Supermarkets are hiring might go there. Site I'm on isn't shut yet but lock down needs to happen in this country soon. We are already behind when Italy went on lockdown and look at the state of them. NHS is already on its knees
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    Virus is nothing new to old plasters !!

    We got doctors on here now
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    Just had my house plastered...

    Looks sponged. It can be sorted with 10 mins sand and fill. Not the worst iv seen on here
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    Sorryi its late but

    f**k**g sad state of affairs. If I price a bedroom to be skimmed at 300 quid I could blast it on and be done for 3 or do i have to drag it out two days and toss it off to pop master to justify the price? they can get to f**k. You gave a price they accept job done. If it's day rate I'll toss it...
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    Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Plastering (London and Manchester)

    Wasn't when I did it. Lvl 2 is two years is solid and what you need on site Lvl 3 is fibrous and dash and some other s**t I can't remember
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    Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Plastering (London and Manchester)

    Thought level 3 was mouldings not many people do that outside the classroom