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    Sponge Anyone? Great for fast/sharp corners, thats about it for me.

    I’ve never seen a good one coat and sponge but there’s plenty of guys I know that 2 coat with them and it looks bang on. But I think it’s more about that it’s less strain on your joints than it is about being a better finish or whatever. All looks the same after some paint
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    tapered edge used instead of square edge, can it be skimmed?

    If you want it skimmed most lads would probably prefer to put the boards on themselves so they know what they’re working on top of so no prep really needed. Just make sure your walls are free of wallpaper where applicable and maybe move the rads if needed. Otherwise mate its mainly paper tape...
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    WTF is going on n with multi-finish

    Board finish is good. To me it leaves a slightly better finish but you lose a little working time one it compared to the multi
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    WTF is going on n with multi-finish

    Multi is abit hit and miss for me too mateBut now I Just put on smaller sets and turn them round quicker or wack some dabbing in it so it’s nice and creamy. Keep a sponge handy just incase. Works wonders if the sets getting away from me