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    Recoating silicon render

    Been asked to sort some poor silicon thin coat out done by some1 else Only 2 small pillars If there is silicon thin coat on already but needs to be done again does the original need to be removed back to brick or can it be rebeaded based and meshed primed and topped with silicon render Or...
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    Skimming in wombourne Wolverhampton

    Hi need 2 plasterers or 1 plasterer and 1 labourer To complete a bottom of a house for me On a day rate as there is 2 sections which is off a tower so a bit awkward probably about a weeks work if any1 interested
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    St astier R100

    Hi has any 1 used the r100 any hints snd tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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    Timing on float coat

    Hi iv go a little lime job just wondering How long do you leave the float coat before floating up and devil floating any advice appreciated thanks
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    How much you say is fair

    I have a small plastering company and I keep the lads who work for me in work all the time I get all the work I provide all materials and do all paperwork if they finish at 1 and the jobs done I still pay them the full days money what would you say is a reasonable amount of money to be...
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    Universl gypliner wall system

    Hi Does any one know when fitting this wall system what is the process when the ceiling is sloped how do you get round not having the GL8 track fitted to the ceiling Thanks
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    Using marbelite

    Any 1 used marbelite before iv been asked to top a swimming pool in it wondered what its like whats the process how long before it firms up rub up/ trowel up Cheers
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    Silicon thin coat render advise

    Hi lads Instead of putting 2x coats of ecorend x32 with mesh embedded in the 1st coat then a primer then silicon topcoat Could you put base coat of k11/ rend aid with mesh then top coat of x32 followed by primer and silicon top coat I was looking at doing this as the bricks are not the best...
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    Colour matching

    Can any1 tell me the closest colour match for K rend thin coat silicon in colour linen What would it be in weber pral m scratch finish Cheers
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    What texture is this

    Been sent this pic not seen the job iv been asked to render like this to me it looks like tyrolene but it's look really thick any ideas
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    K rend rub up next day

    Would k rend monocouche be ok to put on at 5pm and rub up at 7am the next morning at this time of year in this weather Cheers
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    Plaster peeling when troweling up

    Been happing probably over the last few months when trowling up with a bit of water little patches of skim just drag away like the 2nd coat is coming away from the 1st coat if u try filling it it keeps dragging away only way it seems to get rid of it is to take of the plaster back thinner to...
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    K rend gp mortar grey

    Is k rend general purpose mortar the same as Weber ocr render And does it get applied the same Ocr can be applied in 1 coat application can the k rend or does that need scratch coat 1st then top coat after thanks
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    Render swimming pool on reinforced foam blocks

    Hi has any1 rendered a swimming pool on the reinforced foam blocks Iv been told it's a 2 coat acrylic render with with render mesh but would they need a primer of key coat 1st And any advice on the best products to use Cheers
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    Limelite high impact plaster

    1st time of using this today mixed as told on the bag started to apply the plaster and it was full of about 3 mm to 5mm grit so chucked that mix cleaned everything then mixed another bag same thing again grit again totally impossble to spread it smooth grit just pulling through the skim The...
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    New build in sedgley dudly

    Iv got 2 4 bed houses ready now to skim on new plasterboard Jobs in sedgley Email if ur intrested Cheers
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    Any1 ever used renderlite renovating How is it to put on Whats it like to skim on Cheers
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    render straight over coloured tyrolene

    Looked at a job today some 1 has tyrolened straight on to the block so I need to re render with ocr then tyrolene again can I go straight onto the tyrolene or does it need a stabilising primer 1st Thanks in advance
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    skimming new houses in Oldbury immediate start

    I need a few new 2 bed houses skimming for me in Oldbury if any one is interested good run of work and probably more in the future just want a nice tidy job and done right no chancers or rough arses Price is £2.70 per m2 Email me on
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    render on ply

    Iv got a job half brick and half ply he wants weber pral m coloured render Is it possible to mesh and rend aid over both the brick and ply then top with the coloured render or would it be best to use stainless steel mesh on the ply then rend aid
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    any 1 got any weber pral m granite grey for sale

    I'm looking for 6 bags to finish a job of
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    Skimming in stafford

    Iv got 2 small flats and a stairwell to skim in Stafford on new plasterboard on day rate probably about 5 days work for 2 spreads Email if interested with details and what ur day rate is on the books thanks
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    apprentice in burntwood staffordshire

    I'm looking to take some 1 on who is willing to learn with a bit of experience would be nice but not essential some 1 in an apprentice scheme would also consider thanks
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    boarding work in Oldbury West midlands

    I need a chuck on a job to board some new houses in front of my lads all square easy houses 8ft high £2.40 m2 price to tack and dab £1 m2 to insulate just toilet and wc walls and soil stacks There are 11 houses to do just depends on builder if he pulls his finger out whether it's will be a...
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    m2 Boarding prices on site

    Just wondering what the rates per m2 are being paid around West midlands on normal 8ft high timber stud and what the prices on dab thanks