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    Level 5 plastering trowel.

    Level 5 plastering is perfection. i see that there are level 5 plastering trowels are now available in uk. has anyone used one?
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    new plaster for trial.

    i have been given 2 pallets of different plasters to trial, this plaster is manufactured in Turkey and the firm are trying to break into the uk market. it may be a plus if we leave the EU. this plaster is free, the material is in storage in Colchester. the only thing the manufacture requires is...
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    Essex pargetting

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    Tarmac limelite whitewall plaster

    i am thinking about spec this plaster on a victorian hotel renovation. it is a one coat plaster, anyone had experience of this plaster ?
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    mike adams.

    we have just watched, on catchup bbc2, and i noticed first on the credits was Adams plastering, Liverpool. have not noticed him on here for a while.
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    pre finished modular plaster panels

    i know that these were first used in the 60s, but i see that they are making a come back. these are in vinyl finish, also laminate finishes mapel to cherry to platinum, white and gypsum. the gypsum finish is usually jointed, but there are a few odd ball builders that want them skimmed. anyone...
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    plastic bullnose beads.

    i have not seen these mentioned before on tpf. bullnose angle beads in plastic with sections so that you can turn 90%, or go in 3 different directions. you can also form an archway with them. either fitted to plaster board or straight onto blockwork to be floated up to. these will save a lot...
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    slow down in essex / suffolk

    it seems that there is a slow down of site work in the essex suffolk area as there are quite a few plasterers doing the rounds to try to find work at the moment. i know we were the first area out of the recession we may be the first to slow down, there is a huge number of plasterers that work...
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    service magic to stop trading.

    i had an email to day stating that service magic are going to cease trading on christmas eve. perhaps this is the start of the end for these type of firms who try to get in between a craftsman and his pay cheque!
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    graystone perrys new home at wrabness essex.

    google, graystone perrys new home which has been completed with a ceramic tile exterior. could some one put the photos up for me .
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    health disclosure

    have any of the contractors being asked to produce a health disclosure for their work force that they place on major building sites?
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    floor scrabbler

    has anyone in the essex, suffolk, london areas got a floor scrabbler that they would be prepared to rent out for a couple of days?
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    scrim price about to rise 60%

    the price of scrim is about to rise about 60% owing to the eec having a new rule about china dumping cheap goods on the eec.
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    magnetic plaster and the return of uni finish

    british gypsum are to bring to the market magnetic plaster for use in places like schools and hospitals. so you can have a metal wall and just stick posters , notes, pictures etc straight on to the wall without blutack, nails or screws. i presume that it will be like a fridge magnet or a metal...
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    fibrous plasterers wanted chelmsford

    fibrous plasterers wanted to fit an art deco cornice to a large new build house in borham nr chelmsford essex. cornice to every room. all materials on site, and ready to go. phone me 07871152525.
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    building contractors

    talking to a young chap today who had just won a contract from a major contractor, [ not plastering] and he was told that he would have to pay 6% of the contract to the contractor, up front, to prove that he was financially viable. when asked if that would be ok he answered, no problem because...
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    down the dump

    hi all i was at the local council recycle center today where i was informed that from april next year that cameras are to be fitted to the entrance gates with a direct link to the dvla swansea. if any business registered vehicle enters the site there will be a fine of £500 imposed. there is a...
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    how or what does a wall breathe ?

    i keep hearing the statement you must let a wall breathe. but what , or how can it breathe? in my thoughts it can not breathe air as it does not have any lungs. the only thing that i think it could breathe is water as it lets water in then the water disappears through evaporation . what are...