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    Mixed suction backgrounds

    How to even out suction on mixed backgrounds . Doing a bungalow with grey plaster and shiny paint on most walls .grey plaster very porous paint not at all. How would you deal with it . PVa isn’t doing the trick. Blue grit and similar products don’t kill suction. Any suggestions?
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    Mixed suction backgrounds

    Hi all . Got a bungalow to skim 1960. Walls are grey plaster and shiny paint so background has mixed suction. How would you prep for suction control and key. Blue grit and similar backgrounds don’t control suction. Any ideas
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    lookin for

    looking for a plasterer or a labourer to give me a hand some times . not full time work. any one from newcastle with there own transport
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    looking for work in north east

    looking for work in the northeast. 4 years experience mostly internal work. would love to get some more external work experience .