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  1. TedTheSpread92

    Mixing drill repair

    Got a refina mixing drill that is on its last legs, only had for about 4 years so a bit disappointed it's packing up. I've replaced the fuse and rewired it but it pops and sparks whenever I give it power, still runs just feels like it's going to blow up. Is there any way of fixing it or is it...
  2. TedTheSpread92

    Need advice on a job guys

    Hope everyone is doing well, Need advice on what everyone else would do in this situation. Big job come up for me, nice wedge. One drawback, they want me to remove all the wallpaper. We are talking about 11 rooms and I know just from looking at it's going to be stubborn. I hate doing...
  3. TedTheSpread92

    Access help or advice??

    Hello everyone, Been a while since I've been on here but I've been flat out during lockdown. So got a job coming up where landing ceiling needs overboarding, skim and big stairwall needs float and setting. It's a dog leg staircase so don't know what's best? Don't think ladders will do the trick...
  4. TedTheSpread92

    No plaster!

    I'm not working currently, haven't been for a while now but I am curious as to when plaster will be back in stock. Does anyone know of any news regarding this?? Out of stock within 60 miles at B&Q, wickes, travis, jewsons, ccf and anywhere else for that matter - people even selling em for £50 a...
  5. TedTheSpread92

    Pure quality work

    Okay so I went round someone's house this evening and couldn't help but notice this masterpiece, thought it was worth sharing what I want to know is.. What is the worst plastering you have come across with pictures of you have em.
  6. TedTheSpread92

    What is going on with multi finish!?

    Okay I want to actually know what the hell is going on with multi finish it is definitely not the same. It's behaving like my trowel hasn't worn in yet, tears slightly on final trowels?? Feels stodgy, gluey, seems gritty and coarser than normal. My question is most of my work is overskim can I...
  7. TedTheSpread92

    Council charging for waste now!

    So I know this isn't exactly an interesting topic but where I live in Ashford, Kent the council are now charging £6 per sheet or bag of plasterboard and £4 per sack of rubble/hardcore, plaster once set is classed as rubble so as you can imagine this is going to add up. Who knows of a better way...
  8. TedTheSpread92

    Bonding Agents/stabilisers/primers!??

    Okay so it's an absolute minefield out there at the minute with all the different products out there. I just want to know what is your preferred method when it comes to dealing with high suction backgrounds. Wickes bonding agent, PVA, SBR, Blue grit, gypPrime, bond-it. As I'm aware it does...
  9. TedTheSpread92

    Builders merchants

    Is it actually worth opening an account with a builders merchant if so? Who is the best and why?