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  1. Badgerrrrrrr

    What a mug shot........

    That time of day again ...
  2. Badgerrrrrrr

    Some S&C

    I'm still a S&C man, i keep saying I should look into these knew products , but Being closer to 60 than 50, hey getting a bit long in the tooth. There's still a place for it, especially when having to get over this crap lol still looks nice to me.
  3. Badgerrrrrrr

    Miricale happened today......

    my mug turned up, a miricale cheers @Danny .......see patience can be rewarding lol lol
  4. Badgerrrrrrr this sh.t..

    that's it bike packed. Feck spreading s**t up the wall for a week, France here I come. Thought I'd share, lol lol .........
  5. Badgerrrrrrr

    Sales, swaps, unwanted gear etc

    probable aimed @Danny , but has the forum ever had a for sale page swaps page etc. Or is it to much of a head ache to manage. Instead of ebaying equipment, offer it to other plasterer's on here !
  6. Badgerrrrrrr

    Best way to over come artex ?

    1 scrape worst of lumpy artex of 2 apply green grit to stabilise etc 3 put your first coat of multi on 4 Then watch the fecker react, bubble and fall off lol The day I should've stay in bed lol.
  7. Badgerrrrrrr

    Damp Wall !!!!!

    ......that's because you have a fecking garden in your valley........:muyenojado:
  8. Badgerrrrrrr

    How to render !!

    Today's tip on how to render lol , made I laugh.
  9. Badgerrrrrrr

    Gave a Plaziflex a go.

    Well having always used a MT for donkeys years thought I would give one of these plastic things a go on a small attic room with rounded ceilings. I have to say it went quite well. I had bonded out the curves first as I find it easier that way, put the first coat of multi with my trusted MT...
  10. Badgerrrrrrr

    Newbie to the site, saying hi to everyone.

    Quick hi to all on the site, just looking around at all the good info on here, As they say your a wiser person from the books you read and the people you talk to. Wish I was more up to date with PCs , being from North Devon the stage coach doesn't come this way very often ! So thanks to the...