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  1. AndySlowther

    Boarding a barrel ceiling

    Customer wants it curved, not stepped! Recommend boarding or mesh?? Looking at glasroc f board, 6.5mm bendy as fcuk, also expensive as fcuk
  2. AndySlowther

    Angle beads

    U guys always add angle beads on top of old ones on reskims or just skim up to the old ones? I've always added & quoted for, wots common practise?
  3. AndySlowther


    How long is a reasonable amount of time to wait for a job to be paid It was a 3 wk job (a decent amount of cash) and I've now waited 3 wks for the payment
  4. AndySlowther

    Dust sheets

    Who uses wot, I currently use a lot of tarps but always find washing a pain in the rear, I'm tight and won't buy new ones for every job Cotton dust sheets I find fecks up the washing machine Left a job today, wooden floor was dusty as hell, I did sweep, but customer(very nice) said don't worry...