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    Silk plaster

    Glamo roc, render the wall in sand and cement. the material arrives in 2 rubber bags. apply the liquid to the render, then trowel in the stone chips. protect the area from rain. not my favourite job!
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    Febmix question.

    I find it best to mix additives with the water and give it a mix , then add to the cement mixer.
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    Internal mono corner

    just use an internal trowel. pretty obvious really.
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    I will say that Jewsons have kept me supplied with multi in the last 2 shortages.
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    Webber Prall over rend aid

    I often rend aid , mesh then lay on a tight coat of rend aid to give a decent scratch. if a float finish I top with OCR. For a mono finish I use Krend it applies better by hand.
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    Rendering to ground..... do or do not?

    An EWI system needs to have a base plate fitted at doc level. not a drip bead.
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    Travis Perkins have bought out Keyline and they still own Topps tiles.
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    Travis Perkins group have now sold Wickes . they had been trying to lay it off for years.
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    In our town there is only Jewson or Collier and Catchpole. Or a 20 mile round trip either Ipswich or Colchester.
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    floor screed diy

    4 to 1 is a class C screed. light traffic. 3 to 1 is class B screed to take a sliding hammer test after 21 days. for correct compaction.
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    floor screed diy

    A pan mixer is the best for mixing screed as it does not ball up if left to mix for too long. 4 and 1 is weak mix usually 3 and 1. grab a hand full of the mixed screed if it can be squeezed into a ball then the water content is correct.
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    @plasterers one stop shop.
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    Patching scratch render/monocuche

    Tell the surveyor that you only carry out quality work not a botched job that he wants. You are putting your name on the line as the only thing that will be remembered is that you carried out the work.
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    Replacing tiles on a window bay

    Leave it alone you have not got a clue.
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    HELP! Is this a structural issue?

    the land close to a railway line is always cheap. cheap and cheerful housing for first time buyers.
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    HELP! Is this a structural issue?

    it is not a structural problem. just poor quality workman ship.
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    Sand cement lime mix is it breathable

    Is that 'the old flying bottle'?
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    Sand cement lime mix is it breathable

    I use Limelite renovation plaster with a Limelite hi impact finish.I don't worry about the cost, that's the customers problem. sand and cement went out with the Ark.
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    Back on the books.

    Yes, but your holiday and sick pay ect will be paid on the basic union hourly rate.
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    Back on the books.

    what is the union hourly rate now?
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    Shower wall prep problems

    on new builds, you find the most un practicable person that you can find and put them in charge.
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    Back on the books.

    some people are just not organised enough to be self employed. no one will earn much with pay as you earn. all they are doing is paddling someone else's boat.
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    Shower wall prep problems

    The plasterboard has lost its integrity and of no use. remove and replace with aqua panel by knauf .
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    Separation issues with embedded mesh in OCR

    I don't like your prep or base coat. I would have used Rend aid base coat, full mesh, lay a coat of rend aid and give it a good scratch. left to cure, then apply OCR.
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    wood wool boards

    The hotel is a listed building. the base coat was Secil reabilita cal . with a Regency lime finish coat.
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    wood wool boards

    The material that was supplied by Mike Wye was a base coat that had its own finish coat, not lime putty. It is a 2 man job. we applied the base coat 1 metre wide then mesh the full length on the ceiling in one go. push the mesh into the base coat then scratch. leave for a few days to dry as...
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    Hi from Elche area.... just buying an old farm house

    There is a fair size crack down the wall that will need some attention.
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    Hi from Elche area.... just buying an old farm house

    I see that there is a reed ceiling above the fibrous ceiling.
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    advice needed please

    The dash looks to me like Canterbury spar, but why has it got so dirty? any new render will soon go the same way.
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    wood wool boards

    We have plastered on wood wool boards on ceilings on a large hotel refurb. We purchased a foreign lime from Mike Wye. on his advice. Boards are fixed with plastic mushrooms. Base coat with full Krend mesh . Base coat scraped tight , then scratched. The same as EWI. Leave at least 2 days to...
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    By the time that I was 20 I had finished our 5 year apprenticeship. I was on the tape with a bonus system.
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    No is allowed to stop anything from your wages without your permission. All of the big plastering firms try this one on.
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    Window rubber marks on render

    Remove the black rubber from the window, replace with white rubber that does not stain.
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    ProRoc multifinish cracks on concrete

    In UK we apply a coat of PVA, on concrete to receive plaster.
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    Skimming tapered edge boards on new build sites with multi finish,why ?Square edge with board finish

    I find that the trouble is if you have the plasterboards sent out on the builders merchants lorry. They will load up tapered edge boards as they want to find a sucker that will accept them.
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    Relocating to N.I

    His best bet is to get a drum and join the marching season. My wife was born in Lisburn in CO.Antrim. it is drumming country.
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    exterior cracs in render

    Do you live on the badlands estate of Jaywick Sands?
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    Is this something I can do myself

    You need to phone environment health, it looks more like a cave not a bedroom.
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    Rendering over pebbledash

    A London external decoration co. recently carried out a spray over stone dash in our village. They sprayed the stone dash with rend aid to stabilise all the stones. Then sprayed an external paint . The finish looks good.
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    wedding anniversary

    A couple of ideas, if your wife likes gardening. Floriade world gardening exhibition is on this year. it is only on every once every 10 years. this time it is at Almere, nr Amsterdam. As you have never been to London, loads to see and do. have a long weekend in a hotel .
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    Please advise

    if you want to make a decent job of timber frame then cover the studs with ply board, with plenty of fixings. this will give the wall strength then fit plasterboard.
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    The last time the Scots trimmed England up was 1967 . They have not got a slim Jim Baxter or any world class player now or anyone even close to his quality.
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    Acceptable finish?

    not with the light on the side.
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    Would guess that the USA are the weakest pot 2 team. When I look at the other teams the only 1 that could replace them is Serbia after they knocked out Italy.
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    Acceptable finish?

    To task light a wall properly. one light at each end shining along the wall. one light in the middle of the wall shining straight on. all lights must be 110v. as 240v can not be used on a building site in uk. then show us the photos. if you just shine a light across a sheet of glass it will...
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    Plastering Over Existing Wall Plate.

    double plasterboard the wall ,then the plasterer will not have a problem with the skim.