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  1. barryed

    Rochdale Dab and Skim

    I have 2 jobs starting in about 4 weeks in Rochdale. Both jobs are extensions on schools. Decent areas. Paying £6.50 per m2 for dab and skim. If anyone is interested and would like more information please message me your contact details and I will give you a call.
  2. barryed

    Rochdale Dab and Skim

    I have 2 jobs starting in about 4 weeks in Rochdale. Both jobs are extensions on schools. Decent areas. Paying £6.50 per m2 for dab and skim. If anyone is interested and would like more information please message me your contact details and I will give you a call.
  3. barryed


    Looking for gangs for apartments in Frodsham Skim £3.20 Dab £3 Board £2.75 Anyone interested ring me on 07534115566
  4. barryed

    Plasterers North west

    Plasterers wanted for apartments in Bury Price work Some dabbing to each apartment Skimming 07534115566
  5. barryed

    Bolton And Northwich

    Looking for lads for a hospital in Bolton and a school in Northwich. The hospital is Hardwall and Skim The school is skimming onto boards. Walls only Both jobs have plenty to get at. If interested please ring me on 07534115566
  6. barryed

    Stockport and West Leigh

    Skimming Apartments in Stockport School in west Leigh Call me on 07534115566 if interested
  7. barryed

    Plasterers wanted North West

    As above please call 07534115566
  8. barryed

    Fixers wanted North West

    As above. If interested call me on 07534115566
  9. barryed

    Thin coat render Fyle

    After somebody to do 70m2 next week. If interested contact me on here, or e mail or by phone 07534115566
  10. barryed

    Plasterers wanted Maghull, Liverpool

    Plasterers wanted for work in Maghull by Liverpool. Some two coat and well as over skim. If anyone's interested ring me on 07807157174. Good run of work ahead
  11. barryed

    Spreads wanted for next week

    Keswick £20 per hour on a refurb Bodylwyddan skimming price work £2.90 per m2. Hotel rooms 2.4m high If anyone's interested either phone me on 07807157174 Or e mail me
  12. barryed


    New build hotel. Skimming. Small bit of dabbing. All price work if interested phone me on 07807147174 or e mail long run of work
  13. barryed


    30 bags for sale @ £4 a bag. Can either be collected or I'll deliver if within reasonable travel from liverpool
  14. barryed


    Boarders required for job in Bodylwyddan. Price work. If interested email me, message me on here or contact me on 07807187154
  15. barryed


    Plasterers required for job in Keswick. Price work. Either send me an e mail to, message me on here or phone me on 07807157174
  16. barryed

    Gang wanted north west

    Looking for a gang to start on various projects around the north west. Work till well into the new year. Vast majority is price work. Immediate start available. If interested e mail me or phone on 07807157174
  17. barryed

    Plasterers, fixers and dryliners wanted North West

    All the above required for jobs around the north west. Send me some contact details if interested. Work is all price work
  18. barryed

    Liverpool area

    Long run of work on internal and external for someone that is interested. Mixture of price and day work. If anyone's interested either message me on here, e mail or phone on 07504956729
  19. barryed


    Someone needed for some over skimming either tomorrow or Thursday.
  20. barryed


    Anyone available for a day tomorrow in Sheffield? The work needs to be spot on
  21. barryed

    MF partition fixers and boarders

    For start on Monday in liverpool 1st fix MF and boarding If interested either contact me on here or e mail
  22. barryed

    Be careful people!

    A fella I've worked with has been diagnosed with having only 30% of his lungs working as they now look like a honeycomb which is probably a result of coming into contact with asbestos. This has come to light as his breathing has become a struggle. His working days are over.
  23. barryed

    Small H/S/L on domestics

    I ******* hate them. Nowhere to put all your stuff as its in the way wherever you put it. After each one I always say never again then see the £££ signs when I go look at one then end up regretting every second of doing it once I'm there
  24. barryed


    Loving that I've got about 5m2 of render to do so a job is finished and I can invoice for that and the internal work. This end of the world rain was not what I was hoping for today
  25. barryed


    Need fixers, boarders, skimmers for a job in manchester Its not 100% yet but ill know for the end of the week. If anyones interested let me know either on this thread or message and ill get back to you. Job should hopefully be starting next week.
  26. barryed

    The plastering trade is...

    F#CKED Please discuss
  27. barryed

    Cowboy builders WTF!

    A female Chinese builder with a polish surname hahahahahahaha
  28. barryed

    Plastic render beads stockists liverpool

    Anyone in the Liverpool area know who stocks them?
  29. barryed


    Got a few days skimming in stafford anyone interested let me know
  30. barryed

    Fixers and boarders liverpool and manchester

    A mate is looking for the above if interested let me know and i will send you his contact details or pass your details to him
  31. barryed

    Hate it

    I despise floor screeding. I'd rather rub deep heat on my nob than screed:RpS_thumbdn:
  32. barryed

    Skimming in Preston

    As above needs starting asap anyone interested either pm me or reply to the thread
  33. barryed

    Hopefully no more plastering for me for a while!

    Picked up a couple of mf jobs recently with decent prices so hopefully should keep me away from sweating my tits off with me trowel! Only drawback is there both away from home. I hate working away:RpS_crying:
  34. barryed

    Boarders and dabbers Warrington

    As above. Immediate start available. Work is on new build houses. Anyone interested pm me your number.
  35. barryed

    Site agents

    Why are they all such ******* wankers!
  36. barryed

    3 bed semi stockport

    Looking for someone to board dab and skim a 3 bed semi in Stockport has to be started Saturday if your interested pm me your phone number
  37. barryed

    Liverpool area

    Nothing definate yet but may have some work in Liverpool starting on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. It's skimming houses. I am not getting unit prices until Tuesday morning so can't give any too much info on that other than I would imagine as usual at the minute they won't be great. If anyone...
  38. barryed

    If you had to choose !

    If you had to stop usig one of the below tools for the rest of your plastering life which would it be and why that choice? Handboard, whisk, stilts and cordless drill?
  39. barryed

    Waste carriers licence

    From today this waste carriers/ environmental licence begins in the Liverpool and Knowsley areas so expect to be stopped so they can check your van for rubbish.
  40. barryed

    Wheels fell off!

    I am currently drowning my sorrows as I write this so excuse my spelling.The last 6 weeks I have been busier than ever and have been working weekends and evenings to keep up with demand for domestic work. I have also got two large jobs compared to the ones I am used to doing. One Is a 7 bed...
  41. barryed

    Back to site

    Back on site starting tomorrow for a week. First time I have done any site work for about 2 years. Not looking forward to it to be honest. Has there been any more changes to the whole health and safety s**t? Like for example is it still ok to piss in cupboards? ;D
  42. barryed

    F*cking builders

    Been doing quite a bit of work for a one builder at the minute and a bit of my own work. Basically hes had me sorting out two houses for him, complete rip out and re build and as a favour to him organising various other trades, basically running the site. At first I was doing it 50/50 with my...
  43. barryed

    Trailer Wanted

    Must be free and be able to deliver it to Bruce Willis's Home. Also must be in a good state so it can then carry a roof rack down to Irish Spread's home. Thanks
  44. barryed

    Large Roof Rack For Sale £20

    Please contact me to make payment. Collection to be made from phil's a.k.a Bruce Willis's home. Thanks
  45. barryed

    Havin a laugh!

    Went to price a job on Tuesday. The builder tried to get me to give him a meterage price on the phone for gyplining, 2 skins of 12.5mm Soundboard and skim. I said I would rather come and have a look before giving a price. So I went to the address to find it was an old church with a 7m high...
  46. barryed

    Plastering course

    Render systems dude it says on your trowelcraft website you are starting plastering courses. How long are these going to be not 3 days I would hope! :-\
  47. barryed

    Insurance job quote help

    Im just putting together a quote to renovate a bathroom from start to finish. The problem I am having is finding a price out that a plumber would charge for seeking and repairiung a leaking pipe underneath a shower tray. I know this is not neccesarily in anyone's field but if anyone had an idea...
  48. barryed

    Ridiculous quote

    I went alooked at a job a couple of weeks ago plastering a new extension and various areas inside the house and putting up some metal partitions. I worked out that the work would take myself and the fella I work with about a week and a half maybe two weeks. The materials were going to cost...
  49. barryed

    Insurance work invoice template

    Does anyone know anywhere online where I can get a templete from for an insurance job I have been asked tp quote for.
  50. barryed

    North West

    Is there anyone in the north west who is doing any of this as I would be interested in just popping along and having a look at how its done.