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    Fibrous work offered in Dorset

    We have loads of nice work on at the moment, and could really use some extra help. If you fancy some fibrous work in and around Dorset, please message me.
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    What to do about this crack?

    It is ruining the whole job.
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    Ever run or spun with Herculite Hardcoat?

    Asking for a friend...
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    The Old Man got there first

    Builder came th the workshop a few weeks ago with a sample of a plain-run cornice to be matched, and a required meterage. No need for preliminary site visit. Went to site this morning to fix said cornice, and the Old Man had been there before me. He and brother did this barrel vaulting in 1988...
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    Where are they now?

    Stagg & Pegg first came into my life in 1983 when I was a four year old. The Old-Man's copy (white and pink cover, grumpy spread w/ big moustache) was always laying around the house or workshop. As a youngster I was fascinated by the line drawings. As a 40 y/o I now appreciate what a couple of...
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    decent casting bowls?

    Any suggestions? The workshop has one good bowl left, bought over 20 years ago from a kitchen shop. The black bowls from SWIP and the like have been tried, but aren't up to much, and are only big enough for firstings on a moderate cornice anyway. The Guv'nor is currently buying bowls 20 at a...