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  1. megamix

    Wide beads

    Anyone know where I can get these or who the manufacture is ? . Thanks
  2. megamix

    Mid joint support

    Anyone got a link for those metal bars that you can use to join the ends of ceiling boards together without going into the joist ? .
  3. megamix

    Is this the answer?
  4. megamix

    Lining paper

    Just priced up a job . Early 90s property, house was dabbed with finish (before board adhesive was on the market ) . Anyway it’s been taped and jointed and some plonker has lined the walls direct on top of bare plasterboard . I’ve told the customer I don’t think it will come off and if they use...
  5. megamix

    Chinky render machine

    Just seen this . Anyone used one ? Bet they are cheap .
  6. megamix

    Render grip or rendaid?

    Do both serve the same purpose ? And which is better ?
  7. megamix

    Board over tiles

    Got a toilet block to plaster . Builder struggling getting tiles off . I was gonna blue grit them and dab tight back with 9.5mm boards . Be ok won’t it ?
  8. megamix

    Stud finder

    Anyone use and can recommend a good stud finder . I over board ceilings most days and would like to make life easier rather than using my estwing stud finder .
  9. megamix

    Micro cement

    Anyone do this or considering getting into it . I’m really interested and be nice to do something different than pushing pink stuff around all day . I’ve heard you can make some coin .
  10. megamix

    Dewalt mixer issue

    Had my dewalt battery mixer about a year now and it’s starting to go slow and fast when mixing . Anyone else had this issue ?
  11. megamix

    Take the hit ?

    I quote to over Board and skim 3 bedroom ceilngs about 6 months ago . I put a good days money in for me and the lad . I get a message of customer saying they can’t move all furniture out the rooms , so they say can I plaster 2 ceilngs and do the other 1 another time . Thing is 2 ceilngs will be...
  12. megamix

    Work wear

    What you lot wear for work ? When I was an apprentice my gaffa made me wear white overalls but I got out the habit and where anything now. Im currently wearing these work joggers because they are comfy but look like a right scruff. I only do domestics now and thought about going back to overalls...
  13. megamix

    What did I pay ?

    Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these in merchants this morning . Went through the usual spiel with the sales guy . So what did I pay ?
  14. megamix

    Bonding 60

    What happened to bonding 60? It’s no where to be found . Spoke to a couple of merchants and they said they couldn’t shift it so stopped stocking it .
  15. megamix

    Fireline Board

    Doing a single storey toilet block on a working men’s club . Building inspector wants foil back fire line boards on ceilings . I didn’t think they existed is he on crack or something? Duplex fireline ? . And why the f**k would you need them on a single story extension there is nothing above and...
  16. megamix

    Fire resident skim

    Been asked to skim a fireplace onto cement board . Customer wants heat resistant skim . You guys know where I can get some and what brand ? Thanks boys and girls
  17. megamix

    Breaking news

    Ok just heard this from a lad I know who works at British Gypsum. Apparently the are going to stop making 8x4 boards on health and safety reasons and are already changing all their machines over .
  18. megamix

    Gonna get some hate for this

    Ok just popped my sponge cherry . Had a couple of walls to pva and skim in a old farmhouse , walls bumpy as hell and different backgrounds. Anyway wacked it with MT then over with speedskim . Quick sponge then finished with super flex. Got to admit looks mint and took some effort out the process...
  19. megamix

    First try at thincoat

    Did my outhouse . Johnstone’s high performance base coat and silver thincoat. Lovey stuff but expensive and very very messy . Would take some jobs on but i will be picky and start on easy jobs .
  20. megamix

    Silicone top coat price?

    What’s the cheapest and best thincoat ? Been told johnstons is mint it’s about £53 a tub inc vat . Is there an equivalent cheaper alternative? Thanks
  21. megamix

    Paper tape

    Doing a lot of lantern roofs lately . They get a lot of movement and had a few cracks appear. Before anyone mentions yes I stagger my joints and put loads of screws in . Anyway I though about paper taping them just wondering what best method to stick tape on . In the past I’ve put them on with...
  22. megamix

    Materials mark up

    How many people put a mark up when supplying materials?
  23. megamix

    Mono advice

    Ok lad need a bit of advice . My mate has a garage he wants mono couching. I’ve only ever done it with a gang but never on my own . I’m not charging him thought it would be a good chance to practice . It’s onto new blockwork. Here are my questions, 1. How many sqm does a bag cover.? 2. How many...
  24. megamix

    Bad paint job

    Went back to a job today to skim a utility room out. I skimmed the kitchen extension about 6 months ago and thought I’d have a look at my work whilst waiting for my set to pull in , as you do . Anyway they had painted it themselves cos they are tight arses and it’s shocking . Roller and drip...
  25. megamix

    Would you rather ?

    Would you rather do an easy job for a normal wage or a really s**t job the kind that keep you up at night for double the money ? Just I’ve been putting silly prices in for jobs I don’t want and still get them.
  26. megamix

    Mt permaflex

    Forgot how good these trowels are . Why did I mess around with all these other new ones . Straight out of box today used it to lay on with beautiful.
  27. megamix

    Crazy quote contrasts

    Had a lady ring me today to price a ground floor extension. 2 rooms about 4x5m dab and skim and tack ceilings. Pretty booked up solid for about a month so quoted on the heavy side of £1500 labour . She told me she had a 2 quotes . One for £750 and one for £3200. Unbelievable. Anyway I got the...
  28. megamix

    14 inch nela carbon

    For sale . Used a few times . Like new . Needs breaking in and not got the patience. Best offer + £5 for postage takes it .
  29. megamix

    How do you dab??

    Right then lads n lasses. Who cuts a load of boards then sticks them on and who mixes up and sticks as you go ?
  30. megamix


    Im after a 13 marshalltown town stainless steel . In new or used once condition . I’ll buy or swap . I have a 14 inch nela carbon used once or 20 inch marshalltown stainless
  31. megamix

    What size trowel?

    What size trowel are you lot putting on with ? I’ve always used 14inch but I’m considering going down to 13 inch . Thought it may be easier on the wrist . Currently using nela medi flex but I’m not convinced it’s strong enough for laying on with . Im thinking of going back to mt
  32. megamix

    Pre grit

    Always used febond blue grit . But I’ve found some bond it yellow grit cheaper . Anyone used it ? And is it just as good ?
  33. megamix

    Plaster spot I’m thinking about tying these . Sick of customers leaving in screws for radiators. Anyone tired these ? and do you stick them on after pva ?
  34. megamix

    Crows feet

    Where skim has come away from sand and cement . Even when I put neat pva on it stills cracks and gets crows feet . Shall I put sbr in first ?
  35. megamix

    How long ?

    Did a job last Monday for a kitchen fitter he said he’ll sort me some cash out and get in touch . Been a week and heard nothing. Texted him this morning and no reply. How long wound you wait for £150.
  36. megamix

    Slow down ?

    Priced up a few jobs for builders recently which were accepted. On a couple of occasions I’ve got the job done in half a day . Then they say you got that done quick how much do I owe you ? And I’m like it’s what we said . For some reason it’s like they are expecting me to charge less because I...
  37. megamix

    Wage growth

    I see in the news wages have gone up . Yet it’s still £2.50 sqm skimming on site . Despite house prices are through the roof . Anyone explain this ?
  38. megamix

    Sheets or tarps ?

    My sheets are about ready for being replaced . Does anyone use tarps instead of sheets and find them better.
  39. megamix

    New pricing method

    Anyone ever priced work by the wall . My Brother had a quote for new bathroom and other bits . I looked at the quote and everything was priced up separately instead of one price. Example fit door £50 fit sink £50 tile floor £300 you get the idea . My brother thought it was good price but then I...
  40. megamix

    Low point scraping barrel

    Thought I’d give my builder a try . What a f**k**g waste of time. Got shortlisted for a job . Went to have a look it was a poxy cupboard re skim. Gave him price he said thanks but to be honest im not sure whether to bother having it plastered being just a cupboard, I’ll think about it and let...
  41. megamix

    This a bad price ?

    Not been on site in a while . Always do domestic now but it’s looking quiet at moment . Thinking of going back house bashing . A mate of mine just skimmed a two bed plot for £770 took around 18 bags . That sound about right . He’s not sure of his sqm price . It took 2 of them 2.5 days to skim it...
  42. megamix

    Dust sheets

    Anyone got a link for some heavy duty dust sheets ? And I mean the heaviest dust sheets you can get . Bought some described as heavy duty and you can see straight through them . Thanks
  43. megamix

    Should of paid his £600 wages

  44. megamix

    Sticking duplex boards

    Got a guy with some salt penetration on the bottom of a chimney breast . He’s gonna chop the bottom half off . I was considering sticking some duplex board on using no nails. Got to keep it tight back to keep in line with existing plaster . Thoughts please
  45. megamix

    What would you do ?

    You price a job let’s say a month ago and you ask them to make sure room is ready and emptied . You turn up in the day and the customer manages to drag their fat lazy arse downstairs to eventually answer the door in their boxer shorts and they say sport mate didn’t think you’d be here this early...
  46. megamix

    How to use plasiflex?

    I’m thinking of getting a plasiflex and was wondering do you use them just to flatten off before using steel ? Seen a video of one guy laying in with one . I tried one years ago to trowel up with but it didn’t get the lines back .
  47. megamix

    Ceiling cracks

    Morning guys . A coupe of weeks ago I over boarded and skimmed a lounge ceiling . The customer has just contacted to to say there is a long crack the length of the ceiling . I used 50mm screws through 2 layers of board and boarded across the joists and staggered the joints . I have explained...
  48. megamix

    Compulsive purchase

    For anyone looking for a good deal on dewalt Cordless mixer I took the plunge . £557 inc batteries from Make sure you add discount code BLACKFRIDAY10 to get extra £10 off. Just though I’d share this info for anyone looking for one .
  49. megamix

    Which cordless mixer ?

    Hi everyone thinking of buying a cordless mixer but not sure which one . Dewalt , metabo or collomix. And are they really any good and worth the cost ? Cheapest dewalt I can find is £580 with 2 x batteries.
  50. megamix

    Battery mixers

    Has anyone tried a battery paddle mixer . Want to know what the power is like ? Could they for example mix 2 bags of drywall adhesive or hard wall? Or are they just for skimming ? Which is best I’ve seen Dewalt and collomix make them