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  1. LongstrokePlastering

    Electric damp courses

    Came across a electric damp course the other day not seen one in about 8 years lol had to explain to the lads what it was as we drilled and injected around it. That was fun explaining but was just wondering if any1 had any more advice on how they actually work if they do ect cheers...
  2. LongstrokePlastering

    K rend jointing

    Hi fellas its been a while, ive got some funky bbqs to build and k render. The spec is for them to be ashlar jointed. Ive seen a few diff tools such as 1 from refina and av been pointed in the right direction of pft also. Just wondered if anybody has used these tools ect or any tips? thanks...
  3. LongstrokePlastering

    Short notice?

    Bit short notice lads but is there any1 local to me who can spare me a day, a week, a couple of weeks ect the odd day starting tomoz and onwards lol ? working with me on a few projects as my phone is blowing up at the min and am snowed under. Could do with geting a few loose ends tied up. Also...
  4. LongstrokePlastering

    Lights, camera and action!

    Just wondering if any of you fellas have done any refurbs or plastering jobs that have been televised on programs like diy sos, homes under the hammer ect the list goes on theres that many around? In the past ive completed a job on homes under the hamer over in farnworth bolton and my latest...
  5. LongstrokePlastering

    Shikkui plaster

    Recently myself @RobJack @shikkuiplaster john doyle and lurking in the back ground @Jon30 met up to discuss general decorative plasterer and also have a play around with shikkui plaster. The coffie good, the banter better but best of all was hearing paul call his hawk a hand board within 30 mins...
  6. LongstrokePlastering

    Hello from a shy lurker

    Ok fellas av poached another hard working plaster and to my surprise hes a lurker lol! he knows more about me and all u lot than we do, problem is hes intimidated with his lack off experiance. Hes been a member for a while but never posted because he thinks we will lay in to him for silly...
  7. LongstrokePlastering

    Opinions welcolme...

    Ok so i get a phone call last week off a distraught customer whos had and i qoute some cowboy plasterers in. Theyve had a new build krendered in a polar white finish. After a brief chat with them i dicide ill take the job on. On the drive up there am disscussing with the lads how bad itll be...
  8. LongstrokePlastering

    Various polished plaster jobs

    Hi lads i think ive finally cracked this uploading pics via photo bucket ha ha, thanks nisus for the you tube tuturial video mate... Please let me know what you think with positive or even negative views if anybody has any or also any suggestions that could help me with your own personal...
  9. LongstrokePlastering

    Chinese levels!!!

    Ok lads, ive heard it all now. Ive been working for a local builder this week who is adiment every wall has to be plum, straight and level whether its a old cottage or a wall to float out in s/c 7 inches thick or hed rather have reveals diff measurements if the windows was leaning. Its all rush...
  10. LongstrokePlastering

    Hernia problems

    Ok lads am struggling with a hernia, av been over doing it and know its takeing its toll on me. Has anybody had one and what operation did u have? Also how long will i be out of action for? cheers.
  11. LongstrokePlastering

    Arriving to a booked in job to find its not ready as aranged

    Is there anything more annoying than arriving to do a honest days work you booked in, to find the job is not ready for you? Well today took it to a hole new level. I was suppose to hack off, drill and inject, render in s/c and apply to coats of skim in this room. Yea right! :RpS_cursing...
  12. LongstrokePlastering

    K Rendering Advice fellas?

    Ok lads the time has come for some rendering advice, ive plenty experience with krend but not in the winter times and freezing weather ect,,, The job im working on has to be completed before xmas and i need to start pronto! Ive heard of krend accelerator but this wont rearly stop it freezing am...
  13. LongstrokePlastering

    Marmorino classic blockwork with choco milk lucidato

    Some bigger pics for the lads :RpS_thumbup:
  14. LongstrokePlastering

    Wooden fire hearth, primed & venitian plastered

    Wooden built fire hearth, primed with all screw heads filled, corners taped and jointed then marbled in marmorino limestone.
  15. LongstrokePlastering

    K Rendering, u either love it or hate it

    K rendering a gable in a york colour, the window stone fell to bits after sand blasting so decided to do that asell. Window looked well without beads and we kept to the old profile and shape it rubbed up a treat.
  16. LongstrokePlastering

    Green polished marble plaster

    Office block toilets with light green polished plaster.
  17. LongstrokePlastering

    Black highly polished plaster

    Black polished marble plaster bathroom.
  18. LongstrokePlastering

    Curved marble polished plaster wall

    Curved wall boarded skimed and polished plastered. White stone steps complimented by blue polished plaster, led lights, waxed and mechanically buffed.
  19. LongstrokePlastering

    Marmorino block work

    Limestone coloured marmorino blockwork
  20. LongstrokePlastering

    Manchester Longstroke plastering

    Just a quick message to say hi to all you spreads! am new to this forum but not new to plastering with plenty exp and skills. Am regarded as one of manchesters finest plasterers and my finish, speed, pride, customer skills and reliability are second to few. Am looking forward to swapping tips...